Author Topic: New instructions on how to post pictures here using photobucket  (Read 981 times)

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Click here to go to the CPYOA Photobucket site: (don't do it yet, just read this)

You'll see this screen:

Select the folder you want to upload to on the drop down box here:

Select Choose Photos and Videos:

A dialog box will open for you to browse and select a pic to upload;

Once you select the pic it will upload to the folder you selected to house the pic.

Photobucket will take you through an ad to this screen:

When you click on the IMG box where the arrow above is the IMG link will flash "copied":

Then come back here to your new posting and press CTRL+V to insert the Pic.:

Note if you move the picture in photobucket after you post you'll break the link, so think about your folder selection before you insert the pic.

Hope this helps

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