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CP23 Magic Tilt Trailer tires, axles, bearing specifications
« on: August 02, 2014, 11:18:16 PM »
I just had this info out to provide to the new owner, so I thought I would post it here for everyones reference.
1989 Compac 23 and I presume the factory supplied 1989 Magic Tilt Trailer.
The double axles are what's called a #84 3500 lb axle, this is a standard size.  The front has brakes/drums and the rear does not have the drums, just a hub without the brake drum.
Wheel bolt pattern is 5 on 4.5" centers
1/2" UNF-2A Wheel stud threads
Tires are Carlisle ST175/80D13 Load Range C, 1360 lbs.
Grease Seal 58846 or 10-19 double lip seal
1/8" x 1-3/4" cotter pin
!-3/8" inner spindle shaft, 1-11/16th outer shaft size.
Bearing L44649 outer, L68149 inner
Race L44610 outer, L68111 inner.

I always carry two spares because there have been many times when 1 goes, the other goes as well.  Either because it's old and can't handle the weight by itself, or because I run over something (like an entire windshield wiper arm) that punctures the lead tire and then punctures the second tire on that side as well.  I also carry two hydraulic bottle jacks and pieces of plywood to put under their base when jacking up in the mud or grass on the shoulder.  Note in the picture, the burn mark on the top of the fender.  The second tire could have failed from heat.  When the first one went and the trailer dropped down, the second tire rubbed the underside of the fender for a minute or so at 70mph until I could get stopped.

If you lose a wheel bearing, you can jack up and chain up the axle, and carefully drive with only one tire on one side. For that reason I also carry a 6' section of 1/4" chain and several quick links.  It's happened to me twice.  However that second tire will be overloaded, so it had better be in good shape if you're going very far.  If by chance losing the wheel didn't wipe out your brake system, be careful because you will also have a brake on one side and not the other.

My next trailerable boat used in saltwater will have two things 1) A spare that's rated for the entire weight load of one side of the trailer, even if it's a dual or more axle trailer, and 2) an entire new spare axle bolted onto the frame someplace where it never gets in the water, and the u-bolts to hang it.   Its impossible to cut off an change a spindle without a welder, but you can undo a few U bolts on the springs and change out an axle, if you have the jacks and tools.

Here's a picture of a chained up axle after a bearing failed and ruined the spindle.  The old tire behind it blew out from the excess weight.  However, a new spare was put on and since it was a weekend and nowhere near a repair shop, I drove 325 miles this way at 55 mph with just one tire on that side.  Illegal due to the fact that I no longer had any brakes.  The end of the axle will still be low, and the brake backing plate and possibly the Ubolts holding the axle to the springs will catch on any hump or obstruction that you drive over.

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Re: CP23 Magic Tilt Trailer tires, axles, bearing specifications
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2014, 08:07:39 AM »
Very good info there; I've lived through some trailer woes myself, but none on dual axle. Very much appreciate the scoop, including the tire size info I was originally looking for.
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