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Group Outings and Com-pac Events / Re: CBMWG 3.0
« Last post by Bob23 on Today at 05:53:11 PM »
  Fresh back from the infamous BBB Mid Winter Gathering of the East Coast Compac-o-nauts, I am looking forward once again meeting up with old and new friends a the CBMWG! Of course, my reputation has been permanently tarnished from last year so things can only look up from here!
  Depending on the weather and my mood, I may refrain from driving the Porsche down thar and bring the Guideboat "Straggler" perched atop the mighty and intrepid Tundra. Like I said, depending on my mood.
Com-Pac Sailors Lounge / Re: Finally "Got ComPac"
« Last post by Leonardo on Today at 02:37:44 PM »
I'm leaving for Puerto Rico Friday to do more volunteer work. If I get back by the 17th I'll do the Chesapeake meet. Today I registered my boat and put on the new numbers. She is ready to sail!
CP-19's / Re: Compac 19 vids on Youtube
« Last post by MGS on Today at 08:51:50 AM »
Ok, now you got me thinking.  The Eclipse is out due to weight (2200 lbs).  The Suncat (1500 lbs) however seems a good fit for me as I like the room.  Down side is the price and it's a cat rig, which I've never sailed.  I also like the enclosed transom of the Suncat as opposed to the Eclipse.  How seaworthy is the Suncat vs CP19?  I intend to use the boat for coastal bay and blue water (Atlantic) sailing.  The shallow draft of only 14" of the Suncat is appealing too.
Group Outings and Com-pac Events / Re: CBMWG 3.0
« Last post by Mas on Today at 07:13:54 AM »
At 1700 on 1/20/18 Susan and I tipped a glass while at a music event to the group of Compacteers gathered up in Joisey land to celebrate this thing called sailing! It is now time to get those glasses lined up for "that other" mid winter event!

The ice has finally released it's grip on the bay, the days are slowly growing longer, the stories getting embellished, the faces of friends found cuz of this incredible forum missed. It must be time for Chesapeake Bay Mid Winter Gathering (CBMWG 3.0)  on 2/17/17. Warning to those who who may be coming, your reputation will be permanently impaired and the possibility of getting another boat may be enhanced, don't know why, it just happens! We are probably gunna set up a betting pool as to whether Bob will actually get that 16 or no! Pedro now has a sailboat again and has had these long winter evenings to get her looking good!

The Venue, Merrior, has now been named the most popular restaurant in Virginia. It is a pretty special place, and now we just gotta fill it with special people.  :)

T minus 26 and counting!
CP-25's / Re: Looking to upgrade from 23 to 25
« Last post by brackish on Yesterday at 11:33:01 AM »
How many clams are ya thinking, Moonlight?

Bob, clams are not legal tender in South Louisiana.  You need to think in terms of how many bags of oysters. :)
Classifieds for Com-pac boats / Re: For Sale -original Sails Com-pac 16
« Last post by gburling1 on Yesterday at 11:27:19 AM »
did you sell these?
Gary B at
CP-25's / Re: Looking to upgrade from 23 to 25
« Last post by Bob23 on Yesterday at 07:46:42 AM »
How many clams are ya thinking, Moonlight?
Sun Cats / Re: Solar Power for Battery Charging
« Last post by moonlight on January 20, 2018, 08:32:22 PM »
Sadly, I encounter these assumptions a great deal; and many get angry with me for pointing out the obvious.  But I'm in operations, not sales, so let's go down Reality Way one more time.

Why do you think 30W is ample solar power?  at 12V, that's 2.5A.  At five full hours a day (the standard used for solar chargers), that's net 12.5Ah/day.

What you must know is your consumption!
Nav Lights, LED or Incandescent?  Amps?  Hours per day?
GPS/Chartplotter?  Let's guess.  3A.  8 hours.  = -24Ah.
Tiller Pilot?  FORGET IT, at least in this equation.  Just the chartplotter used twice as much as you'd generate...

And what kind of battery?  Anything with lead in the formula has a 50% depth of discharge; which means your 72Ah Group 24 battery only has 36 usable amp hours.  A 92 Ah Group 27 = 46 useable.  Anything with lead in the formula can only be charged at 10% of it's Ah rate.  Et cetera.

Your trip is feasible.  Enviable.  Desirable.  But do the proper electrical balance calculations, homework, so you have a fun and enjoyable trip.
CP-25's / Re: Looking to upgrade from 23 to 25
« Last post by moonlight on January 20, 2018, 08:16:16 PM »
I haven't been on the forum in quite some time either, but have a 2000 ComPac 25 (wheel steering, roller furling, inboard diesel, H/C Pressurized water, head w/ holding tank, getting a bottom job RIGHT NOW), going on the market this spring.

Basically a 3-year old boat w/ a 18-year title.  Was in sailing school/dealer inventory 2000-2003.  Dry stacked 2003-2008; recommissioned right before the recession hit.  Launched and sat.  My emphasis then (post recession) was fully on the service side, no more charters nor lessons.  Time to move on.

FOB New Orleans, LA.
I wish I could come . . .  65 years ago, I used to crab and fish along the Manasquan Inlet opposite what is now Warfside.  Back then I dreamed of sailing one of those boats heading South for the Winter.  Now its Winter and I am South. 

My great granddad and granddad's generation owned 14 miles of the Jersey coast from the high tide line to the RR tracks.  The Woolley Fishery had fish camps up and down the shore using Pond Fishing Techniques.  The fishermen would row out to the pound, a circle of saplings with a net and a weir facing the tide, and scoop out the fish.  They would row back through the serf and pull the boats up with a horse, using logs as rollers. In the Winter,the guys would cut ice from nearby lakes, store the ice I pits under straw, and pack fish for Fulton's Market up the track in New York City during the Summer.  My granddad was one of the first to install a car engine in a boat to use inlets instead of pulling the fishing boats up through the serf.  During the great depression my family decided to continue supporting the families that worked for the company by selling off the land.  The Woolley Fishery eventually sold out the Crutchfield.
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