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Group Outings and Com-pac Events / Re: BARNEGAT BAY BASH #11
« Last post by Eagleye on Today at 12:30:44 PM »
I plan in still coming in on Thursday morning.  The weather looks good for sailing Thursday afternoon, Friday morning and on Sunday.  Saturday maybe spent in the Tiki Bar.......
General Announcements / Re: Third Party?
« Last post by Tom L. on Today at 09:40:34 AM »
Hi Brackish, I refused all along to use photobucket because they require me to sign in to their site and become a member/user. I didn't like the site because it is so full of junk/advertising.
I like the idea of posting my own pics from my PC as you suggested is maybe possible. I hope some one defines how to do that. It's not going to be me cause I am really ignorant about all this computor stuff. In fact I have a hard time spelling computer.

Tom L.
    you saw how easy the letters came off at the clr. you should remove them prior to sale anyway. most people would want an unnamed boat. i know i was happy when mine hadn't been named. if you do keep the boat two things to consider: don't rename it and two sail it.
General Announcements / Re: Third Party?
« Last post by brackish on Today at 06:40:31 AM »
Why are there still pics for most shown.  What is the next step for replacing Phopobucket?

You can upload your own (saved on your computer) picture for your profile picture as long as it is resized to meet the forum requirements.  With regard to pictures in posts, there are other third party hosting sites and I think there is a way to post using your own uploads as long as sized properly, but I'm not sure how to do that.
Group Outings and Com-pac Events / Re: BARNEGAT BAY BASH #11
« Last post by K3v1n on Today at 06:09:51 AM »
As of this morning.....

Group Outings and Com-pac Events / Re: BARNEGAT BAY BASH #11
« Last post by Bob23 on Today at 05:06:18 AM »
Trying indeed!
  Yes, we should make some reservations. Time? I'm thinking not too early, not too late- does 6:30 ish sound just right?
  In other more pressing news- the weather forecast for Saturday has deteriorated since last night. Friday night could be wet but we could retreat to the Captains Inn itself or another inside venue. More disturbing is Saturday afternoon forecast with rain and NE winds. Hmm. Translated into English that doesn't sound too comfy.
   We'll keep an eye on could change drastically and I'm sure Kev will weigh in who is our local weather meister!
Sun Cats / Re: Towing Question
« Last post by rogerschwake on Yesterday at 10:24:59 PM »
  Here is someone how just replaced his motor mount on his Sun Cat. I had been towing with the motor bracket in the down position, that means it is hanging out further from the transom, giving it more leverage. One of the angle brackets broke from the weight of the motor bouncing. Removed the horn around the tiller to get at the bolts that go through the transom, about a three hour job getting the horn flange loose with out breaking anything. Added a 1' by 2' and 3/4" thick piece of plywood inside behind the motor mount. It looked like the glass had been flexing because of some stress cracks around the bolt hole nearest to where the bracket was broken. Plan on trailering with the motor in the raised position and a line strung behind the motor to help reduce the bouncing. Just a word from someone whose been there and done that.

Group Outings and Com-pac Events / Re: BARNEGAT BAY BASH #11
« Last post by K3v1n on Yesterday at 09:51:50 PM »
Trying to get back on task......
So what time we meeting up at the Tiki Bar? Should there be some kind of reservations made?
Group Outings and Com-pac Events / Re: BARNEGAT BAY BASH #11
« Last post by Bob23 on Yesterday at 09:00:03 PM »
Geez. I leave for a few days to row and return to find you guys running amuck! Oh my God...the thought of Rosie O'Donnell naked makes me afraid!! And Chris Christie? Beware of people with 2 first names.
CP-16's / Re: Rigging the CP-16
« Last post by tmw on Yesterday at 08:51:28 PM »
You might be okay, but I wouldn't know. I would call the factory and ask their input on your situation.
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