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Re: Beaver Island, MI
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I have launched my CP23 at the ramp into Lake Charlevoix, south of Charlevoix the town, it was a public ramp.  I didn't leave the vehicle there because my wife dropped me off with the boat.
Sailed out into Lake MI and to Beaver Island, all the way down to the Manitou islands and Frankfort MI, then across the Lake to Sturgeon Bay WI and back.
I've left my truck in the Frankfort lot for days, and the city ramp/lot at Boyne City on Lake Charlevoix, but not in Charlevoix itself.
Park under the lights, don't leave anything in plain sight, and if you park in a place where you have to pay, at least you know some kind of security will be coming around somewhat regularly to make sure you have paid your parking fee, if for no other reason.
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