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The "How to DIY" Forum / Re: What to do
« Last post by MacGyver on Today at 09:03:33 PM »
xylene might work too, it is acetone brother only its evap rate is a lot longer of a time frame. usually about 3 times as long.

Group Outings and Com-pac Events / Re: BARNEGAT BAY BASH #11
« Last post by Bob23 on Today at 08:38:44 PM »
Why don't you trailer up?
Group Outings and Com-pac Events / Re: clr arrival times
« Last post by kickingbug1 on Today at 07:52:33 PM »
   john is staying with us. we plan on getting an early start monday morning so we will be there when you get in.
Group Outings and Com-pac Events / Re: clr stuff
« Last post by kickingbug1 on Today at 07:50:40 PM »
    as one would expect both cruise n carrys run perfectly---go figure, my merc 4hp always runs great at home. at the lake----kinda flip a coin. im thinking that a two stroke is a smarter choice. you know how i wallow in the past (flip phone still works too)
Com-Pac Sailors Lounge / Re: Request for Bucket List Info
« Last post by HenryC on Today at 07:26:23 PM »
I've heard the same  weather warnings about the Midlands that you bring up.  But we have an additional criterion to factor in.  We will be driving from Raleigh-Durham, and round trip driving time is going to be critical for us--I'll have a plane out of RDU on Tuesday AM to catch.

It would be great to watch from some idyllic, rustic site, but a solar eclipse can be just as easily seen from a Walmart parking lot or a Holiday INN balcony as anywhere else.  Its a multivariate problem, and I probably wouldn't even be dealing with it except for a chance combination of factors, not all of them astronomical, meteorological or geographical:

1) I was an astronomy major, and I've never seen a total solar eclipse. Neither has Chris. This is our last chance to witness the ultimate spectacle.

2) Chris was my best friend and roommate from my college days, when we had just come back from our military service. And together we climbed to the bottom of Meteor Crater in Arizona and back, 47 years ago.

3) I'll turn 70 a week after the eclipse, Chris is even older.  Like I said, This is our last chance.

Even if we're rained out, it will be an ad*******venture.  Two old hippies taking their final trip into the ozone.

I will forward your intelligence to him for consideration.  Thanks.
CP-16's / Re: A couple trolling motor questions
« Last post by JTMeissner on Today at 07:13:26 PM »
I had a MinnKota plug connection.  Ran the trolling motor cable down through the stern hatch and the plug was tied to the scupper tubes underneath.  Ran cabling up to the battery up front.  Had to add the plug fitting to the trolling motor, but pretty simple.

I have since purchased the Battery Tender thru-hull fitting, not yet installed.  "The last trolling motor plug you'll ever have to buy..."  Looks like this:

Instructions: will take you to where it's available on Amazon.  You do pay for it (compared to what the trolling motor companies sell).

You can use almost any sized wire to run to the battery.  There's a rubber plug cover for the port when the motor plug is not installed.  I'm not sure I can explain how substantial this thing is, rated to 100 amps (UL listing in the instructions is 80 amps), 48V DC current.  All connections are 1/4" threaded mounts (can be wired directly), so you're able to change motor or battery cable.  This will fit to the side of the motor mount on the stern and you can run the wires internally up to the battery up front (if so positioned).  Hadn't thought about placing the connection inside the cockpit, but this will fit there as well.

Group Outings and Com-pac Events / Re: BARNEGAT BAY BASH #11
« Last post by Reighnman on Today at 04:53:25 PM »
I'm still lurking in the shadows and will most likely be a game time decision. It'll come down to the weather and winds. I have concerns about getting SV Barnacle due north 25 miles. After a month of sailing her, I've come to the conclusion that many have stated before, CPs can't point into the wind for ????????. I don't feel like motoring 25miles at 4mph either. If nothing else, I'll be at the dinner on Friday night.
Com-Pac Sailors Lounge / Re: Request for Bucket List Info
« Last post by Catawampus on Today at 04:16:22 PM »
Lexington is near me. We call this area the Midlands. Columbia has been making a big deal about the eclipse. However, some meteorologists have been warning folks away from the Midlands, saying that we have a higher possibility of thunder storms and clouds in August. They recommend choosing a viewing spot closer to the coast where ocean breezes are more likely to keep the clouds away.
Eclipse / Weather Reports Offshore
« Last post by gmerrill on Today at 04:13:38 PM »
I have done some coastal cruising but close enough my cellphone still had a signal and I could get my weather reports from it.  I plan to sail further off the coast and would like to know what is available for weather reports and forecasting.  Is  radio the only other affordable option.
Group Outings and Com-pac Events / Re: clr stuff
« Last post by crazycarl on Today at 02:49:06 PM »
ethanol free gas?  you don't say?  well, i have always had such good luck with ethanol free gas!

both the nissan and tohatsu have new carbs and full tune ups.  i'm bringing both with, but have the cruise and carry on standby just for good luck.
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