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CP-27's / Re: Compac 27 on Barnagat Bay Today
« Last post by Betterdays on Yesterday at 09:32:02 PM »
Might have been me .I sail my 1991 Compac 27 Betterdays  out of Lavallette Yacht Club.  I keep my boat in the winter @ Dillons Creek where I think I have seen True Wind

CP-23's / Re: Quantity of epoxy for barrier coat?
« Last post by Tim Gardner on Yesterday at 08:32:40 PM »
My 19 required two gallons for the 5 coats I applied.
CP-16's / Re: 1976 Com-Pac 16 For Sale in Leonardtown, Maryland--Asking $2,500
« Last post by JBC on Yesterday at 07:33:15 PM »
I'm sure everyone has at least one of these DMV stories. I bought a trailer once with a completely gutted 22' sailboat on it, just to get the trailer. Got rid of the boat (that's another story) and then was told at DMV I had to weigh the trailer as part of the registration process for unlicensed vehicles. Where? I asked. The clerk didn't know but suggested one of the truck scales set up on an interstate. Found one west of Denver and dutifully pulled onto the scale, between the semis in line. (Will never forget the grin on the face of the cigarette smoking semi driver behind me in the rear view mirror). An operator came running out to tell me I couldn't weigh my trailer there (but I noticed it did register 400 lbs), and told me I had to head back to Denver to a specific truck stop that had a scale.

Did that, for $20 bucks; yep 400 lbs. With paperwork done I headed back to DMV, only now to be told the highway patrol would have to inspect the trailer. So, off I go to a specific place in the Denver area to have that done. Another $20 bucks or so. Among the questions during the inspection: How much does the trailer weigh? 400 lbs. He didn't ask about any paperwork to prove it...and neither did the new clerk at the DMV the next day, when I returned to finish the registration process...

Com-Pac Sailors Lounge / Hurricane Jose in Buzzards Bay
« Last post by Bristol14 on Yesterday at 07:12:10 PM »
I decided to let Mudlark ride out Jose this week. She's on a 300+ lb mooring sunk into the mud and I put a new 20 ft pennant with chafing on the mooring ball this year. So far so good as north wind gusts have approached 40+ mph. I will need to decide to pull her early next week if Maria looks like she's headed our way.
CP-16's / Re: 1976 Com-Pac 16 For Sale in Leonardtown, Maryland--Asking $2,500
« Last post by Bob23 on Yesterday at 05:37:00 PM »
From the "what it's worth" department, I went through this ordeal in NJ and could prove that the trailer was registered  but it still took me 7, yeah count 'em 7 trips to the Division of Motor Vehicles to get my small boat trailer registered. At one point, the kind but slightly uninformed woman behind the counter looked perplexed regarding her question of the mileage. I said, with my usual reserved tone of sarcasm: "Ah, it's a t-r-a-I-l-e-r!". She was not at all impressed.
Com-Pac Sailors Lounge / Re: New owner for an older CP19
« Last post by Finbar Beagle on Yesterday at 05:33:38 PM »
Hence, the name Terrapin, it came from previous owner, and was perfect fit, when we added Irish flourish!

CP-23's / Quantity of epoxy for barrier coat?
« Last post by Yamaha33410 on Yesterday at 03:10:27 PM »
To those who have personally barrier coated their 23, How much epoxy did the job require? Trying to get all my supplies ready, Thanks!
Com-Pac Sailors Lounge / Re: New owner for an older CP19
« Last post by Reighnman on Yesterday at 11:44:08 AM »
Welcome aboard! I was in your shoes last fall and I learned a ton from this site. The search function is great, as most thing have been done several times so you should be able to find an answer pretty quickly. The 19 is a little tank so it should handle that bay chop well, just don't plan on breaking an speed records.
Com-Pac Sailors Lounge / Re: New owner for an older CP19
« Last post by Garyandjoanlee on Yesterday at 10:33:27 AM »
There are a lot of CP owners on this site with years or experience to offer you. In time, you to will find that you have solved a problem with your boat that you can share here. Welcome!
That trailer looks 'uge. I love the idea of the extension, but would prefer retractable or telescoping. I saw that someone on here had done that modification recently and it was extremely cool.

There are pictures posted today that I didn't see yesterday, including one of the insides all stripped down.

I  may be off my rocker but is this boat a little bare bones for $2500.  I'm trying to get a good feel for how much I need to set aside to pick one up. I'm not afraid of some work, but the cash layout/work ratio has to be in line.

the lack of title on the trailer, could be a major hassle here in VA. If the intent is to travel the highways and bi-ways, I think DMV will want a clear transfer of ownership for registration.

First of all, as a fellow dweller of our grand Commonwealth of Virginia who's once had to go toe-to-toe with Schmendrick, our DMV's customer service death squid, on account of a lacking trailer title for another boat I own, I can confirm that it WILL be a huge and very possibly incurable headache. That's why I highlighted the issue in my initial posting.  As for the asking price, well, asking ain't getting.  As the snow drifts begin piling up and the glaciers move majestically down the avenues, I imagine a gutted sailboat will command quite a bit less than two and a half boat-bucks.  There's clearly some wiggle room here, and I expect it'll become more and more spacious and commodious as the months tick on.
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