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Spring/Summer cruise 2017
« on: April 13, 2017, 02:32:44 PM »
Well, I am planning another cruise.  I am getting worse about planning things as I get more experienced at Chesapeake Bay Cruising.

Wait, did I say worse at planning?  Here's what I mean by this:

I have learned that when you set a plan when you cruise you will get burned!  I simply plan to take off one day and get back around another day.  I watch weather reports and make decisions day to day where I go. 

I am pretty good at planning out my food.  That is the easy part.  I can usually find a place to re-stock at a few points when I am out. 

So here it is....I am going to take off around May 20.  After that I plan to get back around June 2, maybe.  LOL.  This drives my wife crazy!  I call her day to day just to let her know where I am.

I will keep you guys updated.

Here is the video of last year's cruise:
Døyr fe, døyr frender
Døyr sjølv det sama
men ordet om deg aldreg døyr
vinn du et gjetord gjevt