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SOLD CP-16 1976 for sale/sail
« on: April 15, 2017, 07:40:23 PM »
I wish to sell my CP-16 with trailer and either a 5HP 4st nissan or a trolling motor.
it is a MK1 in reasonable condition. it's sail-able as is but has some of the ailments that a 40 yr old CP-16 is prone to. nothing that hasn't been discussed here at length. the hull has been 75% stripped down for repainting. the boat has been garaged for several years and is as dry as a bone. I say this because when it was last pulled out of the water (fresh not sea) it had bubbling. the hull does not leak.
inside the bunks are rotted. not completely... there are epoxied bunk shaped boards covering each bunk which provides support. the bunk cushions are in excellent condition with only a couple of small marks and tears. forward on the mast pole is clean and tidy. the inside is clean and I have removed a lot of bad wiring. all that remains are port, starboard and stern lighting. an epoxied puck/wiring for a depth gauge and a speed paddle/wiring. there is also a distribution board attached to the mast support pole. a new replacement housing for a DIN sized radio/CD whatever has been puchased to replace the current scruffy one.
topsides are in reasonable condition, a bit scruffy but no glaring problems. there are hairline cracks and some patches. the mast foot is in really excellent condition. the hatch boards are functional plywood, not very attractive. front and rear hatches are very good too.
the mount for the outboard is currently removed. I have a quality new one to put on plus the old one.
mast, boom, standing and running rigging are fine. the running rigging is new from com-pac and mostly unused. the nylon jib is on a simple harken roller reefing system which works. the goose neck has been replaced with a new one from dwyer masts. the main sail is not new but not far off... still very crisp. the rudder is the original and the tiller is scruffy.
trailer is a magic tilt, tires look good, bearings are not seized and were cool, smooth non problematic last time out (several hundred miles but several years ago also, I expect it to be fine).
nissan 5HP 4stk needs some work, a service at least. it's not old (2005 maybe) and I doubt it's been used much. the current carb has the idle stop missing/broke off the body (before my time). I have purchased a new 4HP carb to replace it with. the motor has not been started in years but ran last time used. the impeller looked shot and I have a new replacement plus a gasket set for a service. it needs it!
the trolling motor is an option if nissan is not required. I found the 5HP more awkward that it was worth and used the trolling motor.
there is no battery.

I'm asking for $1500 for boat, trailer and 5HP nissan.

I have some odd bits and bobs to throw in too.
I also have new, unopened hummingbird depth/fish/GPS which should fit the hardware already installed (nothing fancy) and a VHF radio/handset.

I have a link to a photobucket folder with lots of folders. oldest show the boat with a blue hull. there's lots of ugly shots of when the boat was drying out and I was trying to get the old paint off. the most recent are with the hull mostly bare outside the garage. I will be keeping the boat out there while I try to get it sold. a tarp will be over the cabin to prevent the possibility of rain ingress. the boat is on stands and not level so rain water will run off the back.

I will put some general pictures in other posts but the link to the pile is here:

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Re: CP-16 1976 for sale/sail
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2017, 08:34:31 PM »
JP: I am definitely interested. Where are you located?

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Re: CP-16 1976 for sale/sail
« Reply #2 on: April 16, 2017, 02:26:55 PM »
Columbia, SC. I'm just putting up some pics of the cabin which I freshened up last week.
if you'd like overnight accommodation, you're welcome to use the RV sat around the back.
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