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CLR 2017
« on: May 02, 2017, 10:41:00 AM »
Kick writes "well, here is the plan. the 2017 Carlyle Lake Rendezvous will take place June 26th through June 30th.  i have received some input from other CLR sailors regarding dates but in the past have found that it is impossible to schedule the event and make everyone happy. hopefully this time will work. by late june the water is warm enough to swim and maybe the weather wont be as hot as july and august. as always, most sailors will keep their boat at the West Acess Marina ( 618) 594-2461) and either stay aboard or at the nearby Mariners Village Motel (618) 594-7666. the motel also has cabins as well which could be shared i suspect. this year im hoping to have a night sail, corn hole tourney, the CLR Cup race and possibly a "Race to the Silo". i have all winter to iron out the details and i always welcome input. (317) 292 0258    or fordtruck52@yahoo"
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Re: CLR 2017
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2017, 02:40:31 PM »
   ill take this opportunity to ask attendees if they want to have a "warm up" race prior to the CLR cup race. same course the day before probably wed. the "Race To the Silo" is more of a "Cruise to the Silo" and then to a real nice raft up spot on the west side. I realize that most sailors in this group are cruisers rather than racers, however, the more races the more "trophies" i can present. Mike C. aka Salty 19 will be our race pooba this year and will figure out the position of the markers (hopefully we can see them better than last year (my fault). I know three Races in a week seems like a lot but just think of it as a way to sail as a fleet. it lends itself nicely to photos. Who doesnt want photos of their craft under sail? The silo sits in the middle of the lake approximately 5 1/2 miles north of the damn spillway. if the wind is out of the west (like it was on the last day of last years event) it could be a nice beam reach all the way there. I figure the Silo race could be held on pizza night that way we are not pressed for time dinner wise. the weather, of course, will dictate what happens and when.
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