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Eclipse / Re: Loading Eclipse on to trailer
« Last post by gmerrill on Yesterday at 06:24:12 PM »
Thanks for the input. I think I’ll change my boards to 2x6.
CP-19's / Re: Compac 19 vids on Youtube
« Last post by Jackrabbit on Yesterday at 06:09:25 PM »
Thanks.  For the tiller and drop board I use Epifanes varnish, and Cetol Marine Light for everything else (i.e., anything affixed to the boat, especially teak, whicg does not hold varnish very well).  Ah, Summer.  Sigh...
CP-19's / Re: Compac 19 vids on Youtube
« Last post by Jasmid53 on Yesterday at 05:38:55 PM »
Nice video. And your bright work is truly outstanding. Please let us know what you use and do to get such great results. Can't wait to get out on the water come spring.
CP-19's / Re: 3.5 hp on CP 19
« Last post by Jackrabbit on Yesterday at 04:34:54 PM »
I have a 2-stroke, two cylinder Merc 6 HP on mine - a heavy beast, but smooth & quiet, powerful and very adequate for moving her at a good clip in any condition.  I keep her on a mooring in the summer.   However, for the odd time when I haul her to other cruising venues,  I am considering getting one of those ubiquitous Honda 2 HP motors for ease of lugging...I am not getting any younger!
CP-19's / Compac 19 vids on Youtube
« Last post by Jackrabbit on Yesterday at 04:23:44 PM »
Hi folks,

As winter sets in I thought those yearning for a reminder of summertime sailing pleasures might be interested in looking at some of the short videos I posted featuring a few outings in "Restless".  Neither great production values nor feats of derring-do, just peaceful sailing perspectives from the helm (if the link below doesn't work just type "Compac 19 jackrabbit" in the Youtube search engine).

Cheers, and a Merry Christmas to all!

Jackrabbit (aka Burton)
The "How to DIY" Forum / Re: Jib Downhaul
« Last post by carry-on on Yesterday at 02:59:59 PM »
The picture, if t shows, does not have the jib sail in place, but the line and block are there.
As Gerry described, the downhaul line runs through the jib hanks and is tied to the top hank. Use a compact knot like a buntline hitch, so you don't jamb when hoisting or lowering the sail. Don't tie the downhaul to the head of the sail because that will bend the head and increase the chance of jambing.
1/8 inch line is enough since there is no load on the line. 3/16 " might be more comfortable to handle.
How much line? You need about ten feet plus the length of the luff of your largest jib.
The block near the tack of the jib turns the downhaul line to the cockpit where the line is secured.
When you are ready to hoist the jib, the jib downhaul is free to run. Once the sail is up and  halyard secured, secure the downhaul line in the cockpit without strain. When the time comes to douse the sail, head into the wind, slack the halyard while pulling on the downhaul and your jib will pile on deck.  Secure the downhaul to keep the sail under control.
If the jib is large or new, you may need to secure it with a bungee or line. This can usually be done from the companionway.  All lines to the cockpit is a good goal.
On a calm day, you can try this rig in your driveway and see how it works.
Happy sailing.
CP-27's / C-27 Shower Drain, final installment
« Last post by deisher6 on Yesterday at 01:02:12 PM »
The drain worked well.
-There was about a teaspoon of back flow from the hoses overnight into the shower pan.  The pump has a choker valve on the output side that works.
-While taking a shower the pump ran the whole time.  It may be more effective if the pick up fitting had a smaller diameter.  The drain was never entirely submerged.  I was hesitant to let the water get close to the door sill.
-I wipe down the head with a sponge and then the wood again with a rag, actually at the towel that I use for the shower. ( The CEO doesn't know this, the boat's rags are her old towels.) It did not take any longer.

I will probably put a seacock on the hull fitting.

regards charlie
Com-Pac Sailors Lounge / Re: CP23 vs. CP27 cockpits
« Last post by Tim Gardner on Yesterday at 08:29:47 AM »
I was the recipient of Charlie's cushions.  Believe it or not, the cushions are 6" short on my 19.  However, I'm considering changing to mid-boom Sheeting with a traveller mounted on the bridge deck, so the shorter cushions are perfect.

Thanks again CD6!

Tim Gardner
Com-Pac FAQ's / Re: Tohatsu outboard
« Last post by Yamaha33410 on Yesterday at 08:20:47 AM »
water should come out instantly on most engines, if not all(well everyone I've ever seen)

My smaller outboards, Tohatsu 6hp 4 stroke and Yamaha 4 hp 4 stroke, will push water out just by turning the engine over with the pull chord....

Com-Pac FAQ's / Re: Tohatsu outboard
« Last post by Adagio19 on Yesterday at 06:39:44 AM »
Thanks again for the feedback. The problem has been perhaps temporarily fixed  by a local shop who used air pressure to back flush the tell tale. The previous owner had used the motor in salt water and maybe not flushed it. As noted by you folks the water appears from the Tell tale very quickly with a good flow.     Doug com-pac19 "Adagio" Guntersville AL                                                                           
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