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Perko port screens
« on: December 01, 2017, 03:33:09 PM »
I'm sure someone other than me has, or is dealing with this issue.  I have an 89 CP 27 with the Perko bronze ports and screens.  The first thing to find is the rubber gaskets for the seal of the port to the frame.  I actually think this may end up being a Home depot or other location search.  Perko makes a gasket, but not sure it's even close.  The bigger issue is the screen to frame attachment on the removable bronze rings.  The previous owner glued the screens to the bronze rings.  Wow does that look bad.  So, any thoughts on how to come up with a ring of some type that allows for easy replacement of the screen???
Having bronze castings made to sandwich the screens in is crazy expensive.  Fun winter project!! Brad

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Re: Perko port screens
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2017, 06:25:46 PM »
Hey Brad:  I tried to gently soder the screen to the bronze ring.  I do not have the skill, material, equipment, or all the above, to do it.   I only use screens on the forward two ports and the aft two.  The '86 is a 6 porthole boat.  Those screens are in pretty good shape.  So this is pretty far down on the to do list.  You thought about making a sandwich is pretty good, how about using tin, aluminum, or even heavy gasket material held together by drilling and tapping in some bronze bolts.  I also tried discretely to use sealant unsuccessfully.

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