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Com-Pac Sailors Lounge / Season's ending
« Last post by ameysails on Yesterday at 11:26:12 PM »
Leaves turning brown, where's colors
Lake's docks being removed, early
Fall breezes were awesome
so it was today
Well Keel'd drifting at 8 - 12 mph NW

Com-Pac Sailors Lounge / Re: No Mas has new home.
« Last post by Finbar Beagle on Yesterday at 11:02:33 PM »
Rick and Susan,

Happy anniversory.  I am in Atlanta to spend anniversory with wife during her deployment with FEMA.
We have only made it to 12years. 

All the best
Classifieds for Com-pac boats / Re: CP 16 on Craigslist in NJ
« Last post by Finbar Beagle on Yesterday at 10:54:34 PM »
Kevin- it looked like motor mount not really mounted, but if secure, would We can strap a Torqeedo on it (with a line and float attached....just in case. Motor is waterproof,, kinda...)

definitly video worthy quest...I
Com-Pac Sailors Lounge / Re: Trafalgar Day
« Last post by Tim Gardner on Yesterday at 10:10:59 PM »
Agreed, npc,
but appropriate
Com-Pac Sailors Lounge / Re: No Mas has new home.
« Last post by Bob23 on Yesterday at 08:21:27 PM »
Happy anniversary to you both! Hopefully in the future we'll be able to sail together...maybe next summer when you host the 1st annual CBMSG aboard Interlude!! Oh, you didn't know about this, you say? Chesapeake Bay Mid Summer Gathering.
Com-Pac Sailors Lounge / Trafalgar Day
« Last post by CoVianna on Yesterday at 08:09:14 PM »
I know it is unlikely to be known on the other side of the pond but October 21st is Trafalgar Day and the unofficial toast (very non-PC!) is "Death to the French!".
Classifieds for Com-pac boats / Re: CP 16 on Craigslist in NJ
« Last post by K3v1n on Yesterday at 07:17:05 PM »
Haven't heard peep back from the guy. :/

Also Lesa said if he can produce a title she'll give me the cash!

@ Brian. It said the boat has a motor mount, perhaps we could just mount the Torqeedo on it?

PS. This would make a great video adventure! lol
Com-Pac Sailors Lounge / Re: No Mas has new home.
« Last post by Mas on Yesterday at 06:56:53 PM »
Well, it was 2 years ago today we decided to get another sailboat and return to sailing after a 25 yr. (at that time) hiatus from sailing. No Mas is no more in our lives as she is with a new owner for more adventures. Mas is now our CP16 and Interlude our PSC31. We are sooooo......grateful for the many friends and folks that have made our return so fulfilling. We are very grateful.

Fair winds to all,
Rick and Susan is also our 38th wedding anniversary.  :)
Classifieds for Com-pac boats / Looking for a Bowsprit and Pulpit, CP-23
« Last post by H2operator on Yesterday at 03:37:24 PM »
WTB, Bowsprit and pulpit for a CP-23.
Thanks, Lance
Classifieds for Com-pac boats / Re: Com-pac 16 - 3 for sale in ks/kansas city
« Last post by Sailaway on Yesterday at 01:31:14 PM »

Ok after some more thought, I am serious about selling the 16, but cannot accept anything less than $3000 which is much less than what I have in it.  I’ll try and get some better pictures of it soon to show some of the detail, but this will probably not happen until tomorrow evening or Sunday at the earliest.  I realize my starting point was high to see what kind of interest there may be and in hopes I may get lucky, however I think if you see what all I have done to the boat, and knowing it is “ready to go” in just about every sense of the phrase; $3000 is a very reasonable price if you are in the market. Altogether I am pushing $4000 in the boat myself and have kept a spreadsheet of most of my expenditures.   
What have I done to the boat since I have owned it?  Well off the top of my head:
Added an IDA rudder upgrade last spring, still have aluminum blade to go with the boat.
Restrained and Polyurethane the cabin way door
Re-oiled the teak seat, hatch rails, and bowsprit, and all interior teak/wood
Re-bedded through deck hardware
Replaced all NAV lights, except for the bow light fixture, which may need some attention
2015 - 155 Genoa from Super Sail Makers
2017 - 110 JIB never flown from Peak Sails
Mack Sails Main sail, older but still in useable shape a little staining at the bottom.
Nissan 3.5b outboard, repainted the case.  Had a new fuel tank when I purchased it from the prior owner.  This summer I replaced the water pump, rebuilt the carb, new prop, new coil, and new plug.  It runs like a top and is a great compliment to the boat
Replaced the plug for the mast light
Stern light is new LED
New LED bulb in the bow light
Replaced the mast light with an original like fixture
I have 2 dock fenders to go with it.
Lines were all replaced in 2015, 2 new halyards, and 2 new sheets.  The jib sheet is showing some wear.
The cleat rails were both pulled and re bedded to the combings
Stays are in fine shape
Patched some gel coat in the cockpit, looks decent
Battery is one year old deep cycle 100 amp hour, LED bulbs in most light fixtures means it will supply power for days
Replaced all toggle switches in the fuse panel
Added a 12 volt power outlet with USB charging ability, keep your phone and Bluetooth speaker charged on the water
Added an LED cabin light with red/white lighting, original cabin light still in place and works.
Added a Danforth anchor with 4 feet of vinyl coated chain and 150 feet of anchor line
2 collapsible emergency paddles
Trailer; Replaced the axle, hubs, springs, bearings, wheels and tires, added bearing buddies, changed to LED lights, and rewired the trailer (with a dedicated ground wire).  Replaced the winch and strap.

All this boat needs is the bottom paint put on to make it look cleaner, otherwise it is in fine to sail as is, I have the paint to go with it and a roller you can have as well.
Kansas does not title boats so I do not have a title, I do have the Illinois title that was signed over to me I will be happy to show you and you can take with you if you purchase the boat. The boat is currently registered in Kansas. 
Trailer does not have any VIN documentation on it and no title, the sticker is long gone.  In Kansas you do not need to register any trailer under 2000 lbs, so I have never really worried about this.
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