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Eclipse / Re: Loading Eclipse on to trailer
« Last post by Vectordirector on Today at 09:51:24 PM »
Just takes experience.  It depends a lot on how steep the ramp is.  try this:  (you need 2 25 foot lines to do this solo) start out with the bunks on the sides just barely in the water and see how far you can pull the boat up on the trailer with a bow line while guiding the stern with a stern line.  The more the better.  when she stops, either tie the boat to the trailer and bring the trailer back a couple of feet, just not off the edge, or have your helper let the trailer back a couple of feet and then pull the boat up as far as you can.  keep doing this until you can get the bow clipped on to the trailer and slowly crank her in as you ease the trailer back more.  She floats right on and then you slowly pull her out while cranking in on the trailer winch.  Doing it this way makes it super easy as the winch isn't loaded much.  Once she's half way out she'll settle nicely and away you go.  Most people do it backwards and try to crank the boat on with the keel no longer floating.  she will slide on but it is easier to slide the trailer under first.  Doing it the other way is for trailers with roller bunks.  Keel boats float on and off.  They are not designed to slide.

Starting with the side bunks mostly out of the water helps them to guide the bow on straight and keep it straight as she is pulled up and out. 

Find a non busy time at the ramp and practice.  It just takes practice.  The steeper the ramp the easier it is.  The Eclipse is very easy to recover in calm waters. 

A tip:  Make double sure the centerboard is up before you attempt to recover the boat.  Ask me how I know this!

Fair Winds,

Eclipse / Re: Loading Eclipse on to trailer
« Last post by TedStrat on Today at 09:44:23 PM »
I think it dEpends on the angle of the ramp (steep or shallow). Personally, I generally go until,boat can float off bunks which varies from place to place and stage of tide (if in salt water). If you scratched keel it may have been a very shallow ramp and you had to go further.
Eclipse / Loading Eclipse on to trailer
« Last post by gmerrill on Today at 08:39:17 PM »
How far should you allow trailer in to the water when loading.  I used to measure loading my Precision by how far the bunk boards were allow d in the water. I’ve only been out 3 times. My last loading I got over the bunk board and stratch my keel some.
CP-23's / Re: Trailer bunk support heights
« Last post by rmotley on Today at 04:57:32 PM »
Thru bolted with carriage bolts (rounded side) under indoor / outdoor carpeting scraps facing the hull - nuts, lock washers pointing toward the ground - can't imagine screws holding long term
Com-Pac Sailors Lounge / Re: Color of non-skid / possibility of painting
« Last post by HJ51 on Today at 12:32:03 PM »
 Thanks everyone, great input.

Wes, would you mind posting pictures of your deck?  Or are they already on here somewhere? Thanks again.
Com-Pac FAQ's / Re: Tohatsu outboard
« Last post by Gerry on Today at 09:43:51 AM »
Everyone else is correct.  Water should come out of the telltale right away.  In a motor that old you should change the impellor anyway.  Spark plug, lower unit lube, impellor, etc. is regular maintenance.  There are lots of UTube videos showing how a do-it-yourselfer can complete all of these jobs.  Never trust the person before you in ownership.  AND don't forget to use ethanol free, high octane gas in every small engine.
CP-23's / Re: Mast height off water
« Last post by Potcake boy on Today at 09:24:59 AM »
Well Kip, the definition of "destination" is: the direction from which the wind is blowing.
I second the Woody Wax suggestion.  It is expensive and slicker than snot during application, but looks and lasts well.  I usually power wash prior to application.
regards charlie
The "How to DIY" Forum / Re: Rudder Bushing Replacement
« Last post by Jon898 on Today at 08:19:36 AM »
For people who have the old plastic instead of bronze bushings, the following thread applies (I used it back in 2015):

Com-Pac FAQ's / Re: Tohatsu outboard
« Last post by Adagio19 on Today at 07:52:53 AM »
Thanks for the advice.  A  local repair shop suggested I run the motor for 5 or 10 minutes to see if the thermostat would open.
                                                                                                     Doug  Guntersville,AL
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