Author Topic: Homemade hatch screens - step with storage and drawer -GPS Ram mount  (Read 314 times)

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Hi all, I finally got around to attaching some pics of a few things that have worked well on our boat.  I made screens for the main hatch, I used 5/8 plywood and custom fit them to slide in where the hatch boards usually go.  I made them 2 piece so that they store in the port storage space under the cabin cushion. It also allows you to pop out the top one and hop out then quickly replace and close top slide hatch before the skeeters invade.  With those in and the factory screens for the side ports and overhead vent we are bug proof which is a must in FL.  Another creation was the step with storage and drawer.  I found it was too large a step from cockpit to cabin and since we don't use the porta potti it fit in great where that used to sit.  The step is basically a box with no bottom.  I built the box and then cut the opening out (carpenter's trick for perfect closure alignment) and put hinges and latches because I store a clean waste folding toilet seat for the dry wag bag waste system in there. I also put some cut grip tape strips (for a skateboard deck so heavy duty glue) that adds traction and safety factor.  then I just built a drawer to slide on top of it.  I didn't use drawer slides or anything, I did low tech. so it is easily removable.  The hinges keep it from sliding forward during trailering or sailing. I fitted it on the snug side and just wax up the helmsmen polyurethane finish with boat or car wax from time to time if it sticks.  Finally I really love my GPS mount it is a Ram brand mount, heavy duty ($60 +/-) but really nice, two knobs allow it to swivel out right into the companionway and be visible from cockpit but it easily swings away to hide when not in use or when going in and out if needed.  Hope the attached pics are visible.         
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Re: Homemade hatch screens - step with storage and drawer -GPS Ram mount
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Wow, nice job on all the above!
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Re: Homemade hatch screens - step with storage and drawer -GPS Ram mount
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Nice job on the screens. Here's an alternative solution that has worked well for us- our boat came with a Bugbuster screen [] This is a piece of fine mesh polyester screen, with a well-weighted hem all the way around. There are two ribbons at the top, which we used to tie off to the handrails- an improvement was to just tie two permanent loops in the ribbons and put a bungie cord between them- deploys in a moment. The rest of the screen just drapes across the companionway and makes a surprisingly effective seal. Entering and exiting the cabin is just like passing through a curtain, and it falls right back in place. Easy to use and it folds away compactly into a small, easily stowed plastic case.
   I agree with you about the portapotty, we don't want to sleep in that little cabin with that nasty thing. Our boat came with one and I got rid of it via craigslist.  A study plastic bucket to pee in and wag bags on hand for a #2 emergency work just fine for us in our limited cruising.
   Nice job on the step/storage, too, by the way.