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sunday cat of lifts or boatels

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I am just buying a new one. 
Will be in MD in summer and FL in winter

In MD, want to put it on a lift -- preferably a cantelver lift from two pilings on my dock

In FL, want to store in boatel (where they take boat out and put in covered racks with fork lift)

Anyone have any useful experience?

Matt C:
I have my Suncat on a two pole lift manufactured by Hi Tide.  It is basically two Personal Water Craft lifts mounted side by side on two poles 8 feet apart against my seawall. Each lift has an arm that extends out about 6 feet and the keel bed and two bunks on either side (all about 10 feet long) bridge the two arms.  Motors run in sync.  Each lift is rated at 1500 lb so total capacity is 3000.

Just installed March if this year but so far works great. 
(Tried to attach photo but having problems doing so. )


Matt C:
here's the photo of my lift

thanks much. I am going with a 2500 capacity cantilever minimag lift.  I will let everyone know how it works out



How did your lift work out for you?


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