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remote for sunday cat outboard

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I single hand -- and the location of the outboard makes single handed docking (throttle and clucth control) almost impossible -- since you have to be leaning over the transom and can't handle lines at same time?

I suppose there is no solution other than remote controls (I have 5hp merc 4-stoke, manual start)

Appreciate any insights

Finbar Beagle:
When I approach slip. I put motor in neutral and glide the last few feet. Either I grab piling from stern, or use extended boat hook to grab dock from standing in cockpit next to cabin..  Key is slow, control, and practice.

If it is new dock, I will run lines from bow already ready to deploy from cockpit.

At some point, single handing, you will need to leave the motor.

How is you dock configured, and what is typical wind/current/tide, pattern?

  Not a easy fix, but putting a motor well in the cockpit would be one fix. I have looked at a few boats our size that have there engines in a well in the cockpit, looks like a good idea to me. Now if I could just find someone to make this change for me for little or nothing it would be a great idea. I'm just not into big projects any more, they seem to get started and never finished. And another thing is the summers are to short already where I live. Just another good idea that will never get done.


Tom L.:
I don't know if it would work but some outboards have the throttle and gear shift on the handle, You might check that out.

Tom L.

I cant say i have "solved" the problem of docking single handed.  I have switched to an electric outboard which is a little simpler (throtle and clutch on the tiller). Also using the cleat+power technique: run a line from the bow, outside the shroud to the stern-- line at stern can be dropped over a dock cleat while keeping a little powser and helm bow towards the dock -- keeps the boat againts the dock (need a bumper) wihile you get organized!!



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