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Is CatNip still around?


Hello everyone.  A few years ago I sailed on Butch Erny's Suncat CatNip in Florida.  I am wondering if the boat is around and if the owner is on this site?  I had a great time sailing CatNip for 3 years during the winters of Florida.  It made me more aware of Com Pac since I was a Precision sailor (P-18 3 years and P-21 13 years).  When I went looking for a replacement for the P-21 that was "trailer friendly", it came down to Horizon Cat, SunCat, Eclipse, or Legacy.  Love that mast ender system!  Settled on the Eclipse.
Sail On everyone....  Al

Mike Howell:
I have had it since 12-13. It was nice to meet Butch.

Last year, I moved from St Marys, GA, to Rock Hill, SC. Most of my sailing is in Lake Wylie.

Hoping to make it to BEER in June. Also had a P21 for 8 years.

Cool Mike.  Always seemed like a great boat and I was just curious  if it was active and on line here.  I was sorting through some Pics and found a few of Butch and me out sailing.  I was close to buying one 4 years ago when I settled in on my Eclipse.  I think I remember your name around the P-21 sites.
You probably know that Butch traded in his sailing gloves for a motorcycle helmet.  He heads North during the summer and takes it with him.  He still sails with me in the Eclipse during the winter when I head South.  We have spent many great sailing hours on Charlotte harbor going back to his P-18, through his Crab Claw (a really strange boat), and finally with Cat Nip.  I figure we have sailed together for 16 winters, mostly on Charlotte Harbor.  I think he only sails with me now in Off the Wind, my Eclipse.  Sail On, Al

Tom Ray:
The Precision/Com-Pac crossover is interesting. Makes me wonder: if Mr Precision Tom Scott were to buy another trailer sailer one day, would it have the Mastender system?

And yeah, I'm back. Hoping that tending the jib on a Sunday Cat is in my not-too-distant future. With any luck I'll find a blue one. As we all know, blue ones are the fastest.

It's not too early to start training for the 2018 Sun Cat Nationals...

Hi Tom,

Although we have never met in person, I feel like I know you just from on this board and from other sailors I've met around here on the board that are in Punta Gorda.  I've learned a lot just reading your web site.  Thanks for all the great information.

I am in the ilses, Tropicana Dr. and Palm Tree Dr, and you are invited anytime for a sail on my Eclipse.  We should get together sometime for a drink. 

Happy Holidays all,

See you soon Al, safe travels.

Bryan aka


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