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Re-securing gasket on top-side hatch


Bilge Rat:
The rubber gasket on my cabin roof, top-side hatch has been sagging and finally fell out completely.  Looking for any recommendations on an adhesive to re-attach it?

Mike K:
I’m not exactly sure, but I would try automotive gasket glue?  3M makes automotive gasket trim adhesive that grips EPDM rubber well. You can find it a a place like Pep-Boys.

Bilge Rat:
Sounds like a great recommendation. I’ll see if I can find this stuff and give it a shot.


Mike K:
Sorry, I may have led you astray with the search terms....  It's called "Super Weatherstrip Adhesive", and Permatex as well as 3M make it.  It can be found at auto parts stores as well as Amazon.  It's a tenacious rubber based adhesive.

Bilge Rat:
Yep, I found this 3M product at my local auto parts store. Thanks again for the recommendation.


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