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winter projects
« on: December 08, 2017, 12:05:59 PM »
It has turned very cold in the deep south, so it is time to list those things that you plan to do but, in my case, will probably successfully procrastinate till spring.  I've reached that point in the ownership of this vessel that there is very little left to do.  So here goes my short list.

Finish the tiller to motor steering link.  I've recently changed slips at the same marina.  The good is I now have a both water and power  and a higher floating wooden pier rather than aluminum which got blistering hot in the summer.   The bad is it is much more difficult to dock safely in certain conditions.  Therefore, more precise control of direction at docking speeds is essential.  I bought the parts for this project a year ago just never finished it. Also going to consider and get quoted, a power tiller to have all controls right at my fingertips.

Make a custom ice box.  I built a heavy capacity drawer and put my low profile YETI in there but I still don't like that YETI.  Mounted in the drawer long way fore and aft, the drawer has to be pulled all the way out from under the companionway hatch in order to open the lid on the cooler.  Awkward, particularly with the table set up and if you happen to be sitting on the starboard settee you can't see in the cooler.  I want to build one that has a half lid that can be opened by pulling the drawer out about 12" hinging up fore and aft.

Build a bolt on bow catcher sling at my slip.  See the first item.  I need something that in a strong north wind will let me snug my bow and let me hard turn to bring the stern in without letting the bow fall away.  Pic below is not descriptive.  Just out of the picture is a steep bank with a large rock break wall that continues underwater  I actually have about 12 total feet of width to get in with rocks to starboard and I can't hug the dock too closely on the port side because I'll catch a shroud on the corner of the covered dock roofline.

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Re: winter projects
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2017, 08:44:27 AM »
I hear ya. 30 degrees here in Tallahassee. Sounds like a worth while list. I am making one of my own as well. I just finished my first full year sailing my 84 compac 16. Everything was pretty original so I am just going to be working on small refitting projects.

Slugs for the main sail, all new lines, new cam cleat for the main, storage nets in the cabin. So just a bunch of small stuff.

I logged 10 trips out this year. I was hoping for 12 but not a bad year.  Merry Christmas