Author Topic: Post fotos here from Photobucket.  (Read 2118 times)

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Post fotos here from Photobucket.
« on: January 21, 2016, 04:49:01 PM »
Some one said ..."I don't know how to post photos but next time I go out I plan to take some pictures.  If another member would be willing, I could e-mail them for posting." If you can e~mail pics, you can post 'em on CPYOA.

Nothing to it.
The pictures you want to show on CPYOA must come from a OFF LINE photo sharing site. There are many. I picked PHOTOBUCKET for my 1100+ pictures. First you must scan a picture from camera or printer and upload it to your Photobucket account. It's free to use this PHOTOBUCKET.

Each picture on Photobucket will display a pull down menu when the mouse's cursor is parked on the picture that you want to show on CPYOA.

Read the menu. Pull the cursor down to the DIRECT CODE found under the picture. Click copy on the DIRECT CODE, it will show the word 'COPIED' an the word will fade away. Not necessary, but as a precaution, I always go up on click on EDIT and COPY, just to be sure the DIRECT CODE was copied.

Minimize this window. Bring up the post that you want to put a picture into.
ABOVE every box or post that you typed a message into are two lines of icons.

Bottom Line, second from left going to the right you'll see a picture [it's to the right of what looks like a round red/blue pinwheel.] The icon you want kind of looks like a beach with a hill and some trees, blue sky. parking the cursor on the icon the message 'Insert Image'. Click on that.

In your post you'll see something like this  [ img ]  [/ i m g ]  the space between the two [  ]  [  ]   is where you PASTE the DIRECT CODE that you copied.  

It's actually pretty hard to place the blinking cursor 'tween the two box's if your old like me. If you don't get ALL of the DIRECT CODE into the right spot you'll only see a square box with a red X in it after you push post and go backand look~see at what the message to the group looks like.

Multiple pics can be posted by going back up to the 'Beach Icon' and selecting and coping and pasting another DIRECT CODE from the PHOTOBUCKET album .

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Re: Post fotos here from Photobucket.
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2016, 06:44:20 PM »
Thanks Skip. I had to laugh at the instructions to scan the picture, I don't recall developing film since the turn of the millennia!

FYI there is a photobucket app for smart devices On my iPhone and iPad, I simply take a picture, open the Photobucket app, choose the folder I want to upload to, upload the photo, or several at one time, open the photo and click copy IMG code, then paste right here on the forum. VERY easy!

Folks, you are welcome to contact Tim and I for help with photos. We realize it can be daunting but it's really not hard and we're happy to help.

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