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Horizon Cats / Re: Trailer for Horizon Cat
« Last post by rmgeis on Today at 04:59:22 PM »
Tom is right, there are no brakes, this trailer would be good for only short hauls or a yard trailer. But at 10% of the price of new trailer, it has to look better.
CP-16's / Re: outboard
« Last post by carry-on on Today at 12:57:08 PM »
My 4hp , four stroke Nissan works well but weighs 59 pounds. Easy to lift out of the drink when sailing, but less weight aft would be good. Would like something lighter without giving up reverse and remote tank.
What is the reason for not having reverse on a 2.5 or 3 hp outboard?
How about developing a 3 or 4 hp , two stroke, that pleases EPA?
Sun Cats / Re: Advice Needed: To Paint or not to Paint is the question
« Last post by brackish on Today at 11:21:02 AM »
From what I've read, freshwater boats are MORE vulnerable to blistering than those residing in salt water.  One of the worst salt water hazards is the accumulation of very large barnacles at the waterline.  Can't be completely scraped off, have to be ground off. tricky to get them off without breaking the barrier coat or damaging the gel coat.
A freshwater boat will blister as well, if the boat resides in the water.  The salt is not a requirement. Trust me, I know. had to fix many quarter sized blisters on my 19 over the winter last year.  Hard wooooork!

Com-Pac Sailors Lounge / Re: Hurricane Jose in Buzzards Bay
« Last post by Bristol14 on Today at 07:46:32 AM »
Good to hear that you and friends rode it out without issues. See my note under the Com-Pac 23 section for my close call...  Also good to know there's another 23 close by.

My jib furler is a fairly old CDI and the foil is in one piece. I typically throw a bungee on it as any extra precaution against unfurling. For Jose, I wrapped it with a line as well. Did the same for my main.May consider a new furler in the future, it's on the list.
Com-Pac Sailors Lounge / Re: Hurricane Jose in Buzzards Bay
« Last post by curtisv on Today at 12:08:48 AM »
Hard to see, but both main and jib are wrapped around several times with extra lines.

I considered taking the jib down, but I have a slight kink in the foil so it's a pain to lower it.

I'm on the Outer Cape (Orleans).  Winds were quite a bit higher here.  Gusts to 60 was the report.  A few boats rode it out.  I took off all canvas and sail having seen my neighbor rip his jib in a past storm.  The three sailboats here were mine, a CP23, a neighbor's Marshal 18 (Brenton) and a Com-Pac catboat (Bob and Patty).  The CP catboat is 19 foot I think and yes I should know which one it is but I forgot.  The owner is also a neighbor so I should ask (again).

Brenton wrapped the boom (with sail and cover) in line.  Bob was away and we asked Patty about going out with her to take down the sail or at least wrap it.  Another (know it all) neighbor told her everything would be fine so no preparation was made.  Maybe next time we should not bother to ask.

The three boats were somewhat protected this time around as the strongest winds were NNE and we moored are on the far north end of Pleasant Bay.  My mooring is the furthest out in the mooring field and the most exposed (which is why poles are bare).  Brenton is close but wrapped well and all was fine.  Bob's CP looks to have a rip in the sail cover so even though she is moored well into Quanset Pond and protected by the bluffs everything might not have been all fine.

I'm on a 250 mushroom, also in the mud, with 5/8 lower chain a swivel, and 1/2 upper chain, then dual pendants with four 1/2 inch bungy snubbers, two on each side.  No apparent damage but haven't been aboard.

We also had a sunfish regatta this weekend which was held.  The last night of high winds was Friday.  Saturday morning we launched two safety boats that were pulled to protect them.  The boats came complete with a variety of fall foliage in the cockpits from being near trees during the storm.  The skippers meeting was delayed about 15 minutes but we had 17 brave sunfish sailors willing to take on 15 knots with 20 knot gusts.  And then there was the fog.  Who said wind and fog never happens.  All went well.  The racers seemed to like the conditions - not your usual light air day out on some lake.  Sunday's winds were lighter and it was sunny and warm.

Some of the wildlife did not fare well.  No one like cormorants around here (they poop on boats) but no one wants to see them trying to get along with a broken wing or leg.  We had a few of those and one washed up all broken and dead in the storm tide wrack line.  Apparently a few exhausted pelagic birds that can't take off on land were captured and released.

btw- You might want to get that furler foil fixed.  Mine comes in sections so I just have to replace a section should that happen.  Its hard to wrap a jib adequately.  In the prior storm just a small part of the rolled jib pulled out from the top of the wrap and put a rip down part of the sail.  The sail was repairable but old so he replaced it.

Good to hear that Maria will miss us.  Puerto Rico wasn't so lucky as you all know.

CP-16's / Re: 16
« Last post by Allthatjazz on Yesterday at 09:45:57 PM »
Haha cool
CP-16's / Re: outboard
« Last post by Mas on Yesterday at 09:33:15 PM »
4 hp Suzuki 2 stroke. Reasonable weight, good power, came with boat, which is probably going to be the choice that you make, as many of the 16's for sale come with a motor, or at least as an option. It really will depend on where you plan to sail. 4 horses will get me home in short order and have plenty of power for contrary tides, current and wind.

Didn't use a motor at all for the first almost two years and had a long paddle. My very understanding wife insisted on the motor and after we got one couldn't believe i had waited so long, other than a misguided belief you don't need one if a true sailor!
CP-16's / Re: 16
« Last post by Mas on Yesterday at 09:23:44 PM »
Ha that's funny. My wife thinks I'm crazy at 66 for wanting one sailboat. But except for a few chronic aches and pains im not thinking about slowing down. Besides most all the people I have met sailing are in my age bracket and real friendly folks.

Well my friend most of our friends thought we were on drugs to get back into sailing at our age after a 25 year hiatus, and since sailors live in their basement and think 7 mph is fast it appears it must be drugs!

We learned to sail with a CP16 over thirty-five years ago and now have another. Can't say enough about them except to say we may eventually sell our PSC 31 someday but never the 16. Read some of Keith Scott's articles about the 16. I know you have spoken with him.

Oh and Bob23, they sail just like a 23 except you can use your weight to affect performance in ways you cannot on a 23. You know you want one!
CP-16's / Re: 16
« Last post by Allthatjazz on Yesterday at 09:07:26 PM »
Ha that's funny. My wife thinks I'm crazy at 66 for wanting one sailboat. But except for a few chronic aches and pains im not thinking about slowing down. Besides most all the people I have met sailing are in my age bracket and real friendly folks.
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