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16 sailing in gusty conditions
« on: September 05, 2017, 09:08:57 AM »
Yesterday I spent almost all day out on my Com pac 16. We were on Chautauqua lake and the wind was SW moving later to SSW. Sustained 18 mph gusting to 30 according to my phone app "windy". Seas were between 1 and three feet depending on where you were on the lake. I'm still getting used to the boat however I am impressed with how well it sailed even to windward in these conditions. We were on a reach the first part of the day and it handled the wind and guests fine. We had the main and working jib up full. Every once in a while I would spill some air out of the main on the strongest gusts but other than that it really did great. We were probably showing more bottom paint than prudent, but leeway didn't at all seem overbearing, and weather helm to my amazement wasn't bad at all. In fact if I would let the boat heel, come on to course for the trim again and just keep a steady hand it would settle right into a "happy place"  the only thing I did to prepare for conditions besides bend on the working jib, (instead of genoa) was tighten the forestry a bit extra, and really did my best to flatten the main. (Halyard all the way to the top, down haul pulled tight, out haul pulled tight.) I don't have all the adjustment I should have because my sails I've been told are really stretched, (when luff is all the way to the top, and down haul is pulled down my goosneck is hitting the down haul cleat.) however it was enough to flatten the main and really change how the boat did in these conditions. I was impressed with its ability. On the return the wind had shifted and we were beating up wind. We achieved 45 to 50 degrees off wind without a problem, and could pinch closer in the gusts. Still with the waves coming into the bow the curves of the hull really handled the seas. I never felt unsafe. Waves would break on the bow, water and spray was coming into the cockpit.
             The other really great thing about this boat is how well it heaves to. Our topping lift came untied from a shackle I use to attach it to the butterfly and I hove to in order to do some minor sail adjustments, and re tie it. It was amazing how it stayed steady. Easy motion, easy to move around, go forward, and work over the transom. The jib would pull the bow down wind, the main would sail us back up, back and forth never moving more than a few feet, nice and easy. Jib was backwinded and close hauled, main was sneered out just a bit, boom still over cockpit. Once we were ready, we just let the windward jib sheet out and we were on a port tack. Trim and tack, we were right back on course.
            I've been told these boats are great, I'm starting to see why. Also my sails, in the shape they are in, are not the best. Many have said new sails will blow you away with the performance increase. I'm interested to see what that means. Sails are going to wait until next season but I'm really liking forward to it.
          Now an explanation, I posted this because when I was new to the boat I wanted to know what it would do, what to expect. This might help someone with that.
Later, and fair sailing, even in foul wind,

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Re: 16 sailing in gusty conditions
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2017, 05:26:06 PM »
Welcome to the choir, I too am a beleiver.
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