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New guy on the block
« on: September 11, 2004, 08:43:23 AM »
:mrgreen: Hi  I have had the good fortune of owning of a 1981 Com-pac 16 for 2 years.  It was all original when I bought it and in fairly good shape as the previous owners did not abuse it.  My dad was convinced the the original sails were "blown" and thought the boat was sluggish so I purchased a new main & jib from Hutchens.  They sent me the jib from the 16/2 by mistake which is substantially larger than the original and to make a long story short, I ended up keeping it, adding the bowsprit and replacing the standing rigging. In hind sight I think I made the right decision as there is a noticable improvement in performance.  I also am a family man with 3 girls in the house (4 if you count the dog) am finding the 16 too be a bit cramped for all of of course am thinking about moving up.  I plan on spending the winter months dreaming & investigating my options on an "upgrade".  The 23 sure looks nice right now.....

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New guy on the block
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Hi Willib,

Good show on joining the CYOPA Forum. Lots of nice folks here. You have an interesting story about the sails. I have CP16/3 and would not want to have to build a bowsprit as it is quite a project. I added a foiled rudder this year and it made a great difference in boat performance.

For many years the boys were in the majority in my household as we have two sons. Both grew up and moved out on their own ((a great thing) so now I am outnumbered as we found out our parrot is a female. When we bought "Buddy" 16 years ago we all thought he was a male, but the last few years she has been laying eggs . . . so we need to spell her name "Buddi" now.

It is exciting to ponder a new boat . . . have fun.
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New guy on the block
« Reply #2 on: September 12, 2004, 01:39:39 PM »
Welcome aboard, Willi!

The CP23 *is* nice... ;)
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