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Happy to be aboard!
« on: September 24, 2004, 11:27:14 AM »
Hi, my name is Marcus.  I have sailed since I was 16.  All kinds of boats whenever and wherever.  Sometimes there have been long lapses due to school and work and/or no water.
First voyage was on Folsom lake, CA on a SailFish we got at a flea market with no sail.  We made a sail with the heaviest poly fabric you can imagine.
It sailed great and then the wind died.  Hours later my sister came looking for us and thought we had died.  Finally after dark we arrived ashore.  She was so mad until she realized we had been paddling with our hands.
In 1983 I had the pleasure of sailing down the coast of Norway from Stavanger to Oslo on a friends 40 foot cat rigged sailboat - "Moonraker".
I live on a lake in Michigan and finally got a sailboat.  a Sunfish.  That sufficed for 8 years until my neighbor suggested I replace the tatty sail.
I replaced it with a Com-Pac 16II.  The kids were starting to enjoy my voyages on the Sunfish and really wanted a bed and a potti.  That to them is the height of cool.  
Finding the Com-Pac 16II was interesting.  Initially I wanted the sailboat of my dreams when I was 17, a Chrysler Mutineer with roller furling and a spot for the cooler.  The more I thought about it the more I thought it wouldn't be as comfortable as I needed to persuade the family on voyages.
I have sailed Lasers and Hobies and have returned home bruised and cut 90% of the time.  I didn't want this experience for my family.
I started searching for a comfortable boat and came across an addvertisement for a Com-Pac 16.  Then I researched the hell out of it and visited several for-sale boats.  I was tempted by a shiny 1979 model but it lacked the jazz of the later model.
Then I found a beautiful 16II in September 2003.  The seller was very motivated, and the boat was perfect under years of neglect wasp nests and dust.  See pictures of "pretty 16" later named "Gem" in the gallery.
With the purchase I got the Robert Burgess vol I book on Trailer Sailors that has extensive coverage of Com-Pacs.  After a wonderful autumn of sailing almost everyday I dreamed of 3 feet more.
In january of this year I purchased sight unseen a Com-Pac 19 1983 for the modest asking price.  The boat had been listed just three days.  I sent the check Fed ex and the Owner returned the pink slip via the enclosed Fedex envelope.  I trailered it home 350 miles a month later.  
I wanted a CP 19II, so I made one.  It is a forgery but I like it!
I covered the hull interior with marine grade hull-liner material, reupholstered the faded blue cushions in a contemporary look, painted the sheer stripe, painted the rub rail and trailer, bought the factory bow sprit for $569.98 plus $83.33 for the bob stay, added the new bow pulpit.  I also bought an asymetrical spinnaker which is really fun.
I added the fold-away galley, a VHF radio, stereo, a depth finder/speedo, gps, shelves and the new potti.
I tend to like fixing and building as you might guess.
The plan had been to go cruising with my Dad this summer up on Grand Traverse bay.  Unfortunately that trip was postponed.  But our family has gotten a lot of use out of the boat.  Loads of fun.  It tends to be the fishing /sail-boat for my 6 year old boy.  We will use it for three to four day trips staying in dockside Motels with one night aboard.  There are lots of ports around Michigan to explore.
I wont know what to do with myself now.  I have the perfect sailboat and speed boat for skiing, the cars are paid for.
This summer I think we have played more than ever.
I am excited to join this group to share my enthusiasm and love for the boats that have brought me so much joy.  Call on me for any help or advice.  
Sincerely,  [/u]


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Happy to be aboard!
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2004, 11:14:19 AM »
Welcome Marcus -

Congratulations on your 19 and your modifications.  Your enthusiasm for sailing and especially your Com-Pac trancends my monitor.  Wish you were in my area (S. Cal.)  I am hoping to find other like you.  Good Luck and Happy Sailing!!!



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Happy to be aboard!
« Reply #2 on: September 25, 2004, 04:19:07 PM »
Great story Marcus . . .

You did a teriffic job on the 19! Your experience and insight should be a real asset to this group.
1983 CP 19 "Suo Gan"
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