Author Topic: New(ish )solution to replacing hard to install SS standing rigging and lifeline  (Read 2184 times)

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  I'm about to embark on a lifeline replacement and now that SailCare has discontinued selling the Suncore brand system for DIY Stainless Steel 7/19 lifeline kits, there is one less option
   to inexpensive, and complicated/difficult DIY kits to do so.
BUT - After having made one small gate on my boat , I can say I will feel absolutely  confident in replacing the old with a Colligo brand synthetic lifeline kit !
   ---  All weight/load bearing material is in full view to be inspected WITHOUT taking a cover off, inaccessibilty, or dismantling terminals, studs, nuts, sleeves, ext.
     ---   Also Colligo syntheic is way lighter in weight and now sharp edges to get cut or snagged.
  After I install it - I will post pics on my Compac 23 , and will also change all traditional shackles to their new(ish) soft shackle, I SO EXCITED - which will be way smaller in
bulk/diameter, and weight !
  Imagine tacking or jibing to never again have to see and stop for a jibsheet that is fouled on the shroud, because the shackle has be lodged just right so that it wedges onto the
stainless steel rigged shroud ?
   See attached Colligo website and demo video .