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Pettit Sea Gold
« on: September 07, 2017, 05:20:45 PM »
Finishing up the three year refit so I'll talk about some of the things I have tried.  I refinished all wood with Pettit Sea Gold. 
What I liked:
You can get five coats a day in the summer in my world.  Two hour recoat time at 90F; three hours at 70.
It flows out well.  They say do thin coats that is about all you can do.
It does not run on vertical surfaces.  I hang long things like guide rails and tillers and it stays put.  Bristol never would.
It tacks up quickly.  In my world that is important as this time of year all manner of things are falling from the trees and the bugs are active.
Single part and water cleanup.  Very easy.
It is translucent with just a little color.  Kind of looks like Semco sealer natural.  I like the color.
Unlike the Semco which is dead flat it has a satin sheen.  If you like high gloss brightwork you won't care for it.

What I don't like:

It does not take to masking well.  You will have to cut your mask to get it separated from the finish film.  I had all my wood off except for the eyebrows, so not so bad if not masking.
It does not feather well.  I had several pieces that had to be reattached then have teak plugs installed to cover the screws, so those spots would have to be coated at a later time. When I tried to feather back from them it just left full film crater edges.  That means repair will be difficult.
It seems soft when finally cured.  That may be good for flexibility in temperature changes but not so much for resisting abrasion.

Bottom line is none of the above will matter a year from now.  The real rating will come based on durability and ability to recoat with a minimum of effort.  If that is the case it will be my new go to.  If not it will go in the pile of stuff I won't use again.

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