Author Topic: Looking for CP 16-2, or later, in NJ  (Read 925 times)

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Re: Looking for CP 16-2, or later, in NJ
« Reply #30 on: December 23, 2017, 12:49:02 PM »
So, latest update, boat is in really good shape.  Solid and dry in cabin.  Berth top is reinforced with 1/4 panel, screwed on and solid.  All other cabin wood looked original and in great shape, including hull liner (- cloth black/grey pattern, pleasant surprise as I expected the spartan white fiberglass, or the egg shell cloth liner),  the plastic/vynyl cabin sole cover is in place, but is not solid to eel keel.  It be to inspect bilge, but only a cosmetic very minor observation. 

The backing plate on bow eye also looked good to me.

Sails crisp, Working Jib and 135 genoa were fitted for o CDI roller system.  Main also was crisp.  Sale would also include original main/jib, but expect these to have served there time.

Minimoto elecric motor looked very well cared for, and stored indoors.

The electrical system sets the boat well ahead of most I have seen.  2 battery ( one in stern locker, one nicely mounted before mast for balance), dual solar panels for charging, a/b selection, and accessory plug outlets,  all very professionaly installed.  Cabin and running lights, marine radio with masthead antenna, accessory outlets.

A very smart compass, level gauge, and hummingbird/garmin type mounting.  The board sits on top of companionway hatch opening and held in place by top companionway hatch latch. 

The trailer seems more solid, but still needs work or long or multi launch plans.  Probable several more years as yardtrailer, or short run to , marina and back home, once per season.

The decision is no longer abut this specific boat, I think any of us would be pleased to own her.

I need to determine if this is right boat class for me.
Pro: stability, potti area privacy for admiral wife, shoal keel
Cons Bauer  would need to be sold, but it is much easier to trailer and no current trailer concerns , need o tell wife eventually.

I will let Nick decision by End of year. He is very motivate to sell, but also very smart on current market for boat,
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