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Universal M-12 Air Cleaner
« on: November 21, 2017, 09:13:59 AM »
I am embarrassed to say that even with 8+ years sailing C-27's there is still stuff to learn. 

Wes and I were contemplating his spotless engine locker last weekend.  Wes mentioned that he had purchased an M-12 maintenance kit that included an air filter.  I clearly recalled, for once, that when I put Windrunner's engine back into service 4 years ago that I checked the air cleaner and it contained an expanded metal ring.  I thought that is was a pretty course filter and reassembled it.  Challenged and curious Wes suggested that we check his out.  We did and sure enough there was a crumbling foam element mounted on the expanded metal ring in his air cleaner.  We installed the new element.

Yesterday I checked windrunner's air cleaner verifying that my recall was correct. Last night I ordered the element from:

part # 301049   ELEMENT   EA   $12.40   

Smoother Sailing thanks to CPYOA

regards charlie