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C-27 Sailing
« on: November 29, 2017, 09:12:10 AM »
There is a posted trac of Windrunner sailing a triangular course just south of the bridge on the upper Neuse.  Go to  (Used Sailboats) and the link on the C-27.

The winds were sort of out of the North at 12-15 with gusts to 20+ kts.  The jib used was a cut down stock 110 probably about a 90 with a full main.  The boat was really heeled over, with a bunch of weather helm fighting gusts.

Keith asked me to run the course twice, unfortunately the gps timed out. 

We reefed the main on the second run.  It was a much more comfortable run and I think faster since there would have been less leeway and less weather helm (dragging the rudder through the water).

Near as I can tell the average speed was about 4.3 kts. 

I know that racers use such trac plots to rerun races and analyze results, but this is the first time that I have seen such a plot and found it interesting.

Smooth Sailing
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