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Project list for 2016
« on: December 04, 2015, 04:51:18 PM »
I now have one summer under my belt and I think I did all I need to do to winterize the boat and have it stored for the worst of the weather.  I'm now planning spring projects.

Project 1.  Install a CDI FF4.  I need to decide if its worth it to get the bearings.  I usually use a gin-pole to raise the mast, so I don't want a system where I may damage the foil.  I'm also familiar with CDI from prior boats.  The sail is off already to the sailmaker to adjust for the luff and UV protection.  I'm waiting until spring when I have the boat in the driveway to order the actual furler so it won't stay coiled up too long.

Project 2 and the reason for this post.  Last summer I noticed that when sitting in the slip there is a slight lean to starboard.  I assume this comes from having the fuel tank and batteries on the starboard rear.  While the holding tank is on the port, we don't typically have anything in it, so there is nothing to balance it out.  I'm considering moving the batteries to the forward port locker.  There is nothing under there.  Has anyone moved their battery location?  Any reason not to?  I know with the longer run I may lose some performance and the cost of the large gauge wire may put a damper on my project, but the listing drives me nuts.  Any other ideas?

Project 3. bottom paint.  I'm going to hire someone else to do this.  I'm contemplating scratching project 2 and just having them paint up higher to the boot stripe.  Planning another coat of micron extra.  Home Port is a fresh water inland lake, so mostly we are fighting algae and slime.

Project 4.  I want to build a screen hatchboard set for the companionway.  This will also wait until I have the boat in the driveway.

Project 5.  I think the through-deck wire connector to the mast is bad.  I have to test the electrical connection there and replace if needed.  Also, I'm planning to install a 12v outlet.
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Re: Project list for 2016
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2016, 06:22:20 PM »
Have a similar list issue with our 25. Considered moving batteries but feel that Compac knew where they wanted them. Also considered painting anti foul to the boot, especially since we had barnacles on the starboard quarter. this year a swim around the boat with a brush eliminated that situation. Hutchins suggested changing ballast but I do not have that much to move to the port side, aside from the batteries. Our outboard is located on the port side but does not correct the list unfortunately. Probably leaning to live with it but I admit it is annoying. Considered sandbags, but additional ballast adds weight and gobbles up storage.

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Re: Project list for 2016
« Reply #2 on: January 13, 2016, 11:18:46 AM »
I usually use a gin-pole to raise the mast, so I don't want a system where I may damage the foil.

I don't know what your current mast raising system looks like, but if you can add a line to it with a running block to attach the furler too, it will allow the furler to gently come down with the mast without bouncing on the deck or snagging anything,  Believe me it works very well.  Then all you have to do is  strap the foil to the mast at about two foot intervals to protect it while down and traveling.

This is the link to some details.  Go to the Tropical Boating site mentioned to have pictures of it in action.