Author Topic: Two ?? Rub Rail Replacement and Berth Improvements - CP25  (Read 414 times)

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Two ?? Rub Rail Replacement and Berth Improvements - CP25
« on: January 07, 2016, 04:26:34 PM »
I'm looking to replace the flexible rub rail on CP25 - Hull #5.  The current rub rail has been replaced in pieces (3 - 4' each) with caulking at the joints.  There are also screws every 2 or so feet thru the rub rail into the hull joint.  Is this standard for a full length rub rail? I believe both the Port and Starboard hull join leaks.  Port when it rains there's a drip on the Port Qtr Berth. Starboard when sailing healed over to starboard I find water in the compartment under the starboarb settee.  Has anyone replaced their rub rail?  If so any suggestions? Matt at Hutchins says I need 60 feet - that's seems a little short to get any purchase place to stretch the rubber.

2nd Question - Has anyone tried to improve the berthing arrangements.  My wife and I are not big people (5'6") , but the v-berth is a bit short (smaller than on our CP23) and the settee berths are not wide enough for two people.  I'm considering making a double berth in the main cabin that's easy to stow during the day with some room to walk thru during the night (head calls, etc.)  Would appreciate any thoughts you might have.

BTW, we (my wife and I) figured a way to raise and lower our mast with a 5-to-1 boomvang, a temporary mast, and chains to prevent side to side movement.  Worked like a charm last fall when we lowered the mast while the boat was out of the water on the trailer. Neither my wife or I felt very much weight at all.

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