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CP-23's / Re: Dinghy
« Last post by philb Junkie19 on Today at 12:06:19 AM »
Last September when I found my 8' pram damaged at the dinghy dock a friend lent me his Bolger Tortoise for my last weekend cruise.  When he took it out of the back of his SUV I was very grateful but a bit unsure. It has outside framing and the bottom is the only curve in the 6 1/2 foot boat. Boy was I pleasantly surprised. It's quite light, rows just fine and towed very well in light conditions with the the oars stowed out of sight and of the weather in the lift up box that is the longitudinal center seat. It's not for everyone but made from 2 sheets of light ply and 3-2x4s it's also no big outlay. 

CP-19's / Re: motor mount
« Last post by philb Junkie19 on Yesterday at 10:41:45 PM »
If you end up buying new consider wider stainless steel Garelick model.  When my '83 mount wobbled too much and got hard to lift I went to the Garelick mount, 71056 that was recommended by Wes and Salty 19.  It is wider, very stable and makes lifting my 63 lb 7.5 hp 2 stroke, extra long shaft so easy.  I was advised some lighter motors might require cutting one of the springs as outlined by Garelick.  Looks like the holes line up on later model 19's but I had to drill new ones.  Let's see if my photo of the two mounts side by posts
The prices of the narrow aluminum and stainless models are basically the same.
Com-Pac Sailors Lounge / Re: Next boat ideas
« Last post by Mas on Yesterday at 08:27:54 PM »
Don't know bout you guys but sounds to me that you all wish standing headroom and also simplicity! It was that factor that caused No Mas to be no more. She was too small and too big. Truly it has been a revelation to have our 31 and a 16. The best of both for us. We don't live near the boats so we needed a place to stay and you can sleep on a boat but you can't sail an apartment. Meanwhile we sail more than almost anyone else at our marina cuz of the 16 as well. Maybe not for everyone but for us one size did not fit all. Jus sayin!  :)
CP-23's / Re: Dinghy
« Last post by Potcake boy on Yesterday at 07:57:02 PM »

I find it easy to board from over the side of the cockpit with the dink tied up bow and stern. Stepping on the tube while boarding doesn't pose a threat tipping the boat. In short, I haven't yet found a downside compared to a RIB, except that RIBs can generally handle enough motor to plane the boat, but the WB 8 is is not a planing hull. I'm in no hurry to get to wherever it is that I am going in the dink, and I really like the light weight of the Honda 2 hp that I use. I can lift motor onto the bracket on the stern rail without any assistance.

Of note in reference to the tubes is that it changes the capacity rating for the boat from 2 to 3 persons and ups the motor capacity to 4 hp.
CP-23's / Re: Dinghy
« Last post by Bob23 on Yesterday at 07:04:28 PM »
Tom, answer to your question is no without the tube kit. I have no need of the tube because I know better than to stand on the rail. I find the Walker Bay 8 to be easy to tow, ok to row and a very stable dink. At one of the last Barnegat Bay Bash's, we had 3 grown men in mine. Sure, she rowed slow but she didn't swamp....well, sort of didn't swamp. What happens at the Bash stays at the Bash!!
Group Outings and Com-pac Events / Re: CBMWG 3.0
« Last post by Wayne J on Yesterday at 04:40:19 PM »
I need to call out Pedro's choice of beverage!!  Blueberry soda?? Que pasa?

March 3rd is fine with me.

CP-19's / Re: motor mount
« Last post by crazycarl on Yesterday at 04:30:56 PM »
i have several items from an older mount in a box.  give me a day or two to dig it out and i'll post pics of what i have.

if you can use any of it, just pay the shipping.

CP-19's / Re: motor mount
« Last post by brackish on Yesterday at 03:23:34 PM »
On the good side of the ledger for Garelick I recently called them up to buy the polymer parts that make up the handle and spacers that hold the lock handle dimensions.  Conversation with a very nice lady went like this.  Me - "After 12 years these things are starting to disintegrate".  Her -  "I'm not sure from the drawing exactly what you want so to be sure guess I'll go out to the assembly line and verify".  "What is your address".  Three days later they show up in my mail, no charge for the parts or shipping.
CP-19's / Re: motor mount
« Last post by Reighnman on Yesterday at 03:12:19 PM »
It's pretty easy, decent arm mobility is all that's required. You should search the site as many have posted about this project. I did it last year without issue.
CP-23's / Re: Dinghy
« Last post by Tom L. on Yesterday at 02:13:47 PM »
According to West Marine the boat weighs 71#. I would guess the tube kit would add another 25# which would make the whole rig near 100#.

I was wondering with the tube kit in place can a full size adult stand on the rail of the dink without it tipping over. Like you would need to do to get on and off your mother ship.

Tom L.
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