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CP-23's / Gaskets for ports
« Last post by ruffwind on Today at 08:04:06 PM »
My gaskets for brass ports are dried up and cracking.  I contacted Matt at Hutchins and he said they no longer have a supplier for these.  He suggested I check Home Depot.  I don't live close to a Home Depot.  Does anyone have a source or spec for these gaskets?

2nd, I read all of the posts about a CP23 trailer, so I think I can build one, but nowhere did I see a trailer size.  What size trailer do I want? 

Thanks for the help.

Ralph R
Group Outings and Com-pac Events / Re: CBMSG 2.0
« Last post by K3v1n on Today at 06:44:03 PM »
Wow! It's about to get really busy. BBB on July 28-30/ CBMSG 2.0 Aug 4-7(we're taking a long weekend)/ Then thinking about heading to Rock Hall for the Pirate Festival on Aug 11-13.

PS. Lesa was looking at this. :D
Sun Cats / Re: modifications for single hanling
« Last post by DanM on Today at 06:02:14 AM »
I second Ron's comment. Our SunCat's P.O. added a gaff throat downhaul and it is very useful when dousing the sail. Ditto lazyjacks.
it's as simple as using additional options
and meeting all the criteria


now off to do some sailing with better sails
the pic shown in last pic, the sails were not made for the
boom and mast that was altered on our 16cb

let's try this as a jpg
of Well Keel'd

it meets all the criteria but ...

nothing appears in preview
let's try posting

going to try with the MAC Apple falls from the tree
let's see what we see
pic of the Well-Keel'd on Lake Clarke at Wrightsville, PA
preview shows nada
let's see what happens at posting
doing an APPLE try
let's see whether we can see it

Boat and Hardware Modification / Hard starting outboard
« Last post by philb Junkie19 on Yesterday at 09:31:31 PM »
I'm enjoying the new old outboard that I bought last winter. The '83 7 1/2 Johnson Sailmaster extra long shaft runs great and stays in in the water in seas and when going forward on the 19. One nice feature is a U shaped rod that flips up to hold the the motor in the tilted position to make up for with the addional weight of the sailmaster's lower end.  It always starts but my one complaint is initially it takes 8 or 9 good pulls after pumping the fuel bulb getting me to wonder if this is the time it won't start. It also needs more throttle than the regular start setting. It does start on the first pull when warm.

Before the season when I couldn't start it I brought iit to a local outboard guy to check out. He said that it just starts this way with extra throtle needed. I know motors can have 'personalities' but I can't help wondering if there is a likely cause and cure for its 'stubborness'.

PS. The new 15 iinch garelick stainless style bracket is so effortless to use compared to the old tired garelick aluminum model.
CP-27's / Re: Lifeline netting
« Last post by relamb on Yesterday at 09:29:24 PM »
Thanks for the pics.  I was considering doing just the section in front of the cabin.  I singlehand with hanked on foresails and a jibdownhaul.  I'd like the netting to contain the foresail when I pull it down and keep it from dragging over the side into the water, until I can go forward and secure it.
Sun Cats / Re: modifications for single hanling
« Last post by hoddinr on Yesterday at 08:42:43 PM »
I would suggest that you add a throat halyard downhaul to make sure you can get the gaff down quickly and safely when you need to.

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