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CPYOA Classifieds / CP-16 MkI for sale in Northern California
« Last post by MaritimeElevation on Today at 12:23:00 AM »
1981 CP-16 MkI for sale in Truckee, California. Photos at:

1981 Compac 16 sailboat with 1980 Magic Tilt Trailer for $4,000. Lehr 2.5 HP short shaft propane powered outboard (brand new, unboxed but never started) for $800. Boat + trailer + motor for $4,500. No trades, no bartering.

Com-Pac 16 sailboat in good condition, not a fixer, well maintained, ready to sail today.

LOA 16'
LWL 14'
Beam 6'
Draft 18"
Displacement 1,100 lbs.
Ballast 450 lbs.

Many new items since purchase by current owner since 2011. See list below:

2011 - New axle, new spindles, new hubs, new bearings, new tires, and new Bearing Buddys on trailer.
2012 - All new running rigging.
2012 - All new Lewmar Syncro blocks
2012 - New Rudder Craft foiled rudder
2012 - New Fortress G5 anchor with chain, rode, and pulpit mount
2014 - New Doyle 135% jib on existing Harken High Load Small Boat Furler
2015 - New Doyle triple reef main
2016 - New standing rigging
2016 - New Lehr 2.5 HP short shaft Outboard and outboard stand (motor never used, current owner always sailed this boat engineless)

Hull and deck are wonderfully sound. Interior is clean and in good shape. Custom made cedar sleeping platform to convert cockpit into a queen size plus sleeping area under the stars. Cockpit is quite large and roomy at 6'10" long.

This ComPac is well founded and set up to comfortably sail in 30 kts of wind on Tahoe Lake, Donner Lake, and beyond. Magic Tilt trailer makes for easy launch and retrieval at shallow/low water level boat ramps.

Very quick and easy to rig. Around 15-20 min solo set up time from parking lot arrival to fully rigged and backing down the ramp. Two people can cut that down to 10-15 min. Heavy duty waterproof canvas storage tarp included.
Legacy / Re: Jib - Advice Sought
« Last post by carry-on on Yesterday at 10:34:08 PM »
If your jib is available, you could measure the luff. Then measure the forestay and compare the dimensions. The luff should be shorter.

I don't know the Legacy, but expect the hound has two connection points. The lower for the stay and the upper for the jib halyard block. Could they be reversed on your boat?
 If you attach a tape to the halyard block and hoist to the limit and measure to the point where you attach the tack, you will have the max possible luff dimension. I would think the luff would be several inches shorter to help visibility and allow for sail stretch.

Anyway, if you have these measurements when you call ComPac, they will know if sail is incorrect.

Another your mast plumb. Could the mast be tilted forward enough to cause the problem?
Group Outings and Com-pac Events / Re: clr head count
« Last post by Greene on Yesterday at 10:15:16 PM »
Brenda and I would sure love to attend at least part of CLR 2017.  We crossed back from the Bahamas yesterday and are working our way toward Marathon and then to Punta Gorda to end this season's trip.  Heading north for some pre-wedding (youngest son) showers mid-June.  If we can work it out we'd love to see some of you characters again.  Tennessee Honey with Kick and some crappy PBR with Bob - what a treat.

Mike and B
Group Outings and Com-pac Events / Re: clr head count
« Last post by rogerschwake on Yesterday at 10:12:27 PM »
  I'll be at the CLR again this year, it's always a  great time. Put me down for a extra large shirt if it's not to late.

Bruce - if you still have the parts boat, do you have the teak channel that covers the wires to the light fixtures on the v-berth and head bulkheads? I need a small piece to extend one of mine and the factory no longer stocks it. Looks like this:

Legacy / Re: Jib - Advice Sought
« Last post by Mike K on Yesterday at 09:20:58 PM »
Hmm, sounds like the jib might be too long.

My 2013 jib didn't have a black line on it. The only black line that came with my boat was for the mainsail reefing line or mainsail outhaul.

  With my own rope I tie the jib's tack ring very low, so that it is actually touching the hoop that the forestay is attached to over the anchor roller. Then I have enough room on the halyard to properly tension the jib. Is that where you put your tack ring?

I'm guessing you also verified that the halyard shackle goes almost all the way to the top pulley block?  There's not an excessively long splice section that jams into the block prematurely, is there?

If those 2 items are ok, then maybe the jib length may is incorrect, and a call to Hutchins may be needed. Good luck,
Com-Pac Sailors Lounge / Re: My first Compac
« Last post by Cruzin on Yesterday at 08:58:59 PM »
Congratulations on the new yacht! I am a fellow 23 owner and wish you success on your new venture. Once you figure out the photo upload thing, post some photos and you will get lots of great advice on your plans. You may not need the heavy duty mast step that you saw on Hideaway, but may just need some repairs on your deck. Dunedin is a great sailing area as I am sure you know. I lived there many years ago and sailed the area. Good luck and congrats!

CP-27's / Re: I have that sinking feeling...Shaft Log Blues.
« Last post by CurtTampa on Yesterday at 08:50:03 PM »
Ill take some pics and post after I get the new shaftlog tomorrow. To my surprise and honestly now I feel I may over reacted - I dropped the rudder, removed the shaft and shaft log today. Its a good days effort with plenty of time for the unexpected. My first unexpected was the condition of the mild steel set screw collar on the rudder post. It sits on a delrin washer and is below the steering  quadrant. I put a twist on L shaped Hex wrench trying to get the set screw out - soaked in PB Blaster while I ran to Home Depot for a hex socket. That failed as well -broke off the hex part of the socket in the set screw. Ended  up drilling from the top (emergency rudder port) and dividing the collar into halves. Once that was complete I droped the rudder etc... the suprising part was the condition of the shaft log. Its a heafty piece of tube stock - except for the two through wall pinholes and 6 or 7 other beginnings it was solid and thick. I was expecting rusty mush. I doubt the pinholes  would of overwhelmed the bilge pump.
Com-Pac Sailors Lounge / My first Compac
« Last post by Sailboy98 on Yesterday at 08:42:41 PM »
I am new to this posting stuff, and I haven't found out how to post photos. I am Sam Craig, and a fellow veteran gave me a Compac 23 that had been abandoned for several years. I will have to rebuild the interior and I'm concerned about the sagging deck under the mast. I'm not so sure about the bulkheads either. The good thing is it's only 23 foot, and fits in my yard. It was quite a squeeze,  but I made it fit.
I live in Dunedin FL. I'm thinking of making a mast step like I saw on S/V Hideaway. So I'm new here but I've been sailing around 35 years. My wife says I've had 12 or 13 boats, but this is in the worst shape of any.
Legacy / Jib - Advice Sought
« Last post by Neil D on Yesterday at 07:00:50 PM »
So, I have a brand new Legacy and I am learning how to rig it as quickly and efficiently as I can. I only had it out on the water the 2nd time last Saturday, and, counting the one driveway sail, only rigged it 3 times.

What I can't figure out is how to get proper luff tension on the jib.  Even when I haul the jib halyard as taught as I can so that the head of the jib is as high as I can get it, the luff of the jib is "scalloped".  I use the black lines  to tie the jib to the same hound that the forestay is attached to--on the bowsprit.  But I just can't get it taught enough.  Perhaps my jib was cut too long?  Or, have any of you replaced the black lines with a snap shackle or other modification?

An inquiring mind wants to know.


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