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Com-Pac Sailors Lounge / Best-Worst
« Last post by Bristol14 on Today at 03:10:54 PM »
As I await for warmer weather so I can start my boat prep for the upcoming season, I've decided to add a small outboard to my dinghy and move from beach to dinghy dock storage (I'm fortunate to live in a Buzzards Bay development that has a dinghy dock).

My search for a cheap, lightweight outboard got me to thinking: what's the best (and worst) sailboat or parts deal I've ever experienced?

My best: my '87 Com-Pac 23-2 that I bought from a non-profit Association that sells donated boats and returns the $ to several boating museums & schools. Price was very reasonable, money went to a good cause, the boat was/is in fantastic shape and sails like a charm.

My worst: a nearly new mushroom mooring anchor and chain that was reasonably priced, but had to be moved a few hundred yards from its location. I was unable to move it myself and spent more money to have it pulled from the mud than what I paid for it. Second worst was the trailer I bought for the sailboat I had before my Com-Pac. The seller told me that it would fit with minor modifications, but the modifications plus what I paid for the trailer added up to about what I could have paid for a new trailer.

How about others?
CP-23's / Re: Damaged keel
« Last post by Potcake boy on Today at 10:25:56 AM »
Depends on your age!!!  Danny Glover framed it up perfectly with his famous quote "I'm too old for this shit". At my age (mature sailor) it's just not worth saving a bit of cash by going through all that grief and exposing me and my boat to accidental damage, either of which could take away coveted time from my sailing, and be far more costly in the long run. I enjoy doing my own work on the boat, but not when it involves an even greater amount of work just staging the boat in preparation. If you use a yard, the keel will likely be sat on 10X10 blocks which the yard will relocate if needed for access.
CP-23's / Re: Damaged keel
« Last post by brackish on Today at 08:03:51 AM »
Depends on the extent of the repair you are talking about.  If it is not that large, the easiest way is to simply put two jacks under the keel, fore and aft in an area that does not need repair, jack it up a few inches, put spacer blocks between the bunks and hull for stability, remove the keel guides then any rollers in the way of the repair area and have at it.  I sand/paint the bottom of my keel that way, with the exception of removing the keel rollers which is not necessary for painting.  Remember to loosen the winch strap before doing this, and as always when you are crawling around down there, block the wheels.
Com-Pac Sailors Lounge / Re: Sadness........
« Last post by Mas on Yesterday at 06:27:36 PM »
Hey Jason, we do not know each other and may never, but ya gotta figure with this forum there is a chance we may meet some day. I do not hold any answers but this I am sure of, whenever a door closes, another opens. You just have to walk through it.

Fair winds,
CP-23's / Re: Damaged keel
« Last post by Mas on Yesterday at 05:31:38 PM »
More than likely she will have her keel on blocks even if on stands, so if bottom is where you need to get the aforementioned trailer stands may work or may have to spring for a travel lift for repair.
CP-23's / Re: Damaged keel
« Last post by mattman on Yesterday at 05:14:55 PM »
What are your concerns regarding the yard?
CP-23's / Re: Damaged keel
« Last post by Zane on Yesterday at 05:13:19 PM »
One expensive solution is Jamestown Distributors TotalBoat Derailments Boat Lift which attaches to the trailer and is a boat lift up to 12 inches above the trailer. I've not used the product so ease etc unknown. However, doing any work on the underwater portion of the 23 while on the trailer is at best uncomfortable, slow, and hard on the back and knees. If the damage is extensive, suggest putting the 23 on stands.
CP-16's / Re: Update on the Com-Pac 16 "Foundling"
« Last post by Mas on Yesterday at 03:53:35 PM »
Our 16 has hank on headsails but our 23 had a CDI flex fiurler though a FF2 which is for larger craft. I agree with CC that it is more than likely the FF1 model. Our 23 had the internal halyard run incorrectly when purchased and another part of it was broken. Sounds like yours is intact. I downloaded the manual which was a great help and also spent much time on the phone with the CDI folks as I was sorting out the problem, getting a new internal halyard set up and run, with the mast up which was interesting (do any work mast down and it will go faster). They were great to deal with. Reach out to them for questions and sending pics to sort things out.

Here's link to manuals:

She'll be on the water soon!
CPYOA Classifieds / Compac 16 III for sale in Eastern Oklahoma
« Last post by Tadpole on Yesterday at 12:08:48 PM »
Unfortunately, due to health issues, my 1990 Compac 16/3 for sale    $5,750.00

This boat is absolutely ready to sail or be trailered anywhere.

Located in Webbers Falls, OK (70 miles SE of Tulsa)
Includes the following:

* 2012 Mercury 4 HP, 4-stroke 20” shaft (looks and runs like new)
* New Rudder Craft kick-up foiled rudder with Rudder Craft mast crutch for trailering
* Performance trailer with new 10” tires, wheels & bearings with spare mounted to trailer
* 10' tongue extension for launching and loading at shallow ramps
* New, never used Doyle sails:
     Loose footed main w/3 battens and 1 set of reef points
     110% Genoa 5oz. X-cut Dacron
     155% Genoa 4oz. X-cut Dacron
New Bimini (5 ft Sunbrella w/adjustable track)
New Cockpit Cushions (Sunbrella)
New standing rigging including new headstay with quick-release lever
New running rigging, including topping lift
New stern rail, stantions and lifelines
New forward hatch (white)
New lights (old ones replaced)
New adjustable aluminum motor bracket
Two anchors
New Marine Poly board 2-piece weatherboard w/mounted depth finder and cup holders
New cockpit drains and refinished rudder mount
Oarlocks with two, approx. 7' long 2-piece oars

Plus many extras!

For pictures and/or more information:  Call Ed at 918-807-6152 or contact me via internet at
Group Outings and Com-pac Events / Re: CBMSG 2.0
« Last post by Mas on Yesterday at 11:23:48 AM »
Hey Heave, so sorry for the passing of your father. We do know.

As far as dates, there is a ton of flexibility and the date tenured so far is a date that the marina party is happening. If most folks wish a different date then we will be working to accommodate that. The party is great fun but the main purpose is to get all of us CPYOA folks together and in trouble! The party just helps with that!

Say hey to Jackie for us. We still remember what she said at CBMWG  :)
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