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CP-33/35's / Re: CP 33 / CP 35
« Last post by spsexton on Today at 11:48:36 AM »
Yup, that's the CP33 that I looked at last week. Nice boat. V-berth door wouldn't close, though. Seemed more than just a little swelling. I sort of wonder if the rig is too tight. Would be interesting to loosen up the turnbuckles on the shrouds and see if you can close it then.

Don't buy it before I get a chance to! ;o) 

Deisher, are you chartering, or bringing your own boat?  I've chartered a couple of times now in Bayfield and heading up again on 1-Sep.  Have sailed C&C 29, Pearson 31-2, and a C&C 32.  Have also crewed on a friend's Mason 33 (Ta Shing).

Jeff, you're right about the mixup on sailboatdata. CP33 was likely 1990, though I don't believe that CP35s weren't built until '99. Seems like it may have been earlier. I'm curious, so may drop a note to Hutchins.  But you're right, that the swim platform was added later. I believe that the hull and interior is otherwise nearly identical.

After experiencing the tiny head on the C&C 32, the CP33'd head was cavernous.
Journeys, Anchorages, Destinations / Re: Bayfield to Thunderbay
« Last post by spsexton on Today at 11:36:54 AM »
I was just wandering that Marina last weekend and I think I saw your boat. If not, there's another Com-Pac living in a trailer there.

How's that ramp for launching?
CP-33/35's / Re: CP 33 / CP 35
« Last post by deisher6 on Today at 09:34:36 AM »
Hey Shawn:  I spoke with one of the Hutchins brothers when picking up a storm hood for our C-27 a couple about three years ago.  Recall that a C-35 was around $196,000 and a C-27 $130,000.  I may be off on my recall if so please correct me.  The hulls are now fabricated by Island Packet just down the road as needed.

If you seriously want to know the history of any ComPac stop buy Hutchins or give them a call.  One of the brothers, Jerry I think, spent several years on a C-35 in the Caribbean.

Here is the url for the Annapolis listing, I have looked at this boat:

I found the one near Bayfield:

Smooth Sailing'.
regards charlie
CP-16's / Re: 1987 New to me with possible leak in hull or keel?
« Last post by Tim Gardner on Today at 08:45:19 AM »
SML is a great location, and the lake is stunning.  As a year round resident I can sail in all twelve months.  It is somewhat cool in Jan. & Feb., but there are the occasional 55-60^ days. 

From my dock, a typical view at sunset.  Then what my neighbors see quite often.
Eclipse / Re: Picking up boat.
« Last post by Jeff S on Yesterday at 11:34:05 PM »
If I followed your lead, my boat would be "WTF"
CP-33/35's / Re: CP 33 / CP 35
« Last post by Jeff S on Yesterday at 11:29:20 PM »
According to, the C35 first build was in 1990 and the C33 in 1999.  This does not seem correct.  I was always under the impression that the scoop transom was added to the C33 and became the C35.  Their dates may be backwards.  There is a listing for 1991 C33 which is 8 years earlier than the sailboat data claim.  If the C33 dated 1991 is hull number 2 than the first build could very well have been in 1990.  It was only recently that Com-Pac ended the C35.  I read somewhere, maybe even in this forum, that Com-Pac has said they will build the C35 if they get 3 orders.
CPYOA Classifieds / Compac 16 mk1 sails
« Last post by Sailor on Yesterday at 08:29:54 PM »
I recently purchased a 1978 com pac 16. So far I have really enjoyed getting to know it. I've been lurking around this forum and trying to learn everything I can.
Reason for this post,  my sails are original, main and jib.  I've been told they are "blown out" and I should buy new ones. Unfortunately that's not in the cards this year. I'm posting to see if there are any used sails for a mk 1 that still have some life in them for reasonable money. Figured  it couldn't hurt to ask. 
CP-19's / Re: replacing roller furling jib
« Last post by Wes on Yesterday at 08:09:10 PM »
Doug - the knot where messenger attaches to internal halyard doesn't have to be narrow, because the messenger will stay outside the furler slot as it's hoisted. You are going to do this rarely; the furled jib will live on the furler 99% of the time.

CP-16's / Com Pac 16 for sale in Minnesota
« Last post by Brian Driscoll on Yesterday at 07:43:08 PM »
There is a Com Pac 16 for sale on the Minneapolis, Minnesota Craigslist website. $2900.00. Believe located near Brainerd , Minnesota.
CP-19's / Com Pac 19 for sale in Minnesota
« Last post by Brian Driscoll on Yesterday at 07:38:27 PM »
Com Pac 19 on the Minneapolis Craigslist site. Believe it is located near Lake City, Minnesota
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