Author Topic: A couple of "extras" for onboard  (Read 1345 times)

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A couple of "extras" for onboard
« on: October 31, 2004, 08:07:10 AM »
2 things for shipboard life you may be interested in, both available at WalMart:

1) Belkin TuneCast Mobile FM Transmitter ~$20. - this gadget does the same thing as a "cassette adapter", but without the wires, over radio. Say you have an mp3 player or a walkman-type CD player, but only an AM/FM/maybe-cassette radio on your boat. Tune your boat radio to one of these channels - 88.1/88.3/88.5/88.7 - and plug this into the headphone socket of your mp3/CD player, and now you can hear your music across the boat speakers. Works in the car and at home, too. Pretty neat.

2) Can't find a pic for this one, but in the sporting goods department there was a box of Ozark Trail fleece sleeping bags for $10. Rectangular shape, drawcord at the head end, zipper down the side and across the bottom, and 2 elastic webbing loops to hold the thing nicely rolled up. I've made fleece sleeping bags before, but/and, at $10, this is a great deal - that's less than what materials to make a bag will cost you, not to mention time spent sewing. I grabbed the last one, but will be going back to see if I can snare a couple more.
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