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ComPac 16 for sale
« on: May 30, 2012, 05:13:52 PM »

I've been searching while I have been lurking.  I found a C16 for sale but I have decided it is not for me; I'm old enough to want one nearly ready to go.  After moving my sweet heart to Lynchburg, Virginia this June, I will be on an active search for a Mark II or Mark III with a sound trailer. If anybody has one and is considering selling this summer or fall please give me a call at 434 237-5142.  So here is the scoop:

The boat I found is model number:  ABV 00483 M77J       I read that as a 1977.
Virginia Registration dated March 2007:  VA 8230 AJ
Shoreline trailer     in need of some repair but tires holding air.
Main sail and two jibs    some life left but not much.
Outboard bracket
Original rudder
All external wood present and usable but in need of refinishing or replacement.
Minor hull puncture at waterline, repaired but need a little paint.
Port Hatch-slide wood strip mounting hole or two leaked; cabin headliner damaged but boat probably is sailable as is.
Water from the above leak in the keel disintegrated the concrete at least several inches and interior wood has suffered but could probably be used as is.
Electronics removed: still has navigation light fixtures but no wires.
The mast and boom are up, all lines and stays seem to be accounted for.  Some lines will need replacement.

Don't hold me responsible for the above description; I think it is accurate but who knows what else you may find.
I gave the hull and deck a rub down, found some gel cracking on the deck and a reseated bow pulpit.
I patched the holes under the hatch wood strip to prevent further leaking and put a tarp over the cockpit.
The present owner, the manager of the marina, purchased the boat planning on a little sailing after work.  Instead, afterwork he went home, so most of the deterioration occurred sitting on the trailer.

The boat is located at the Washington Sailing Marina found at the downstream end of Regan Internation Airport runway on the Potomac River near Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, just off the George Washington Parkway.  Two other C16s at the marina are in good shape, three others look abandoned.  [Who pays the rent on these dying boats?  Another C16 is rotting on it's trailer downstream at the Fairfax County camp ground and marina on nearby Pohick Bay. Not for sale!]

The present owner is Ron Hessler. He can be reached at 703 862-3456. He has an asking price of $650.
If I can be of help, call me at my above number.  I will be in Alexandria for a few more days.

Dave Woolley  (Citroen/Dave)

P.S.  Ron said, "Make an offer."

P.P.S.  Ron really would like to find a new home for this CP 16: try any offer . . .  granted this is a project boat but it could be sailed this summer as is and worked on this winter.
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