Author Topic: Request info from moderators please;how do I get karma ratings, and crew title?  (Read 634 times)

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 I should have asked this a long time ago but, I have noticed a "karma" rating  ( +/-) and
 don;t know how this is attained and also how did I get the 2nd watch helmsman title?
May I change it to Captain or other such crew title ?

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I am not a admin but have the answer.
Karma is given by others to you. just whatever someone decides. It is a joke thing, doesnt affect really anything.

The title is attained through postings, more you post, the higher you rank up.


Be good and get good Karma :)   and give Karma for others being good.

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By the number of posts posted you will notice your rank change. That's automatic. Your on the 'black gang' shoveling coal to start and end up 'Admiral'. Well not exactly but that's the idea.

What is not automatic is karma. If 'We' like what you posted, any member can give you a singular thumbs up per post. If not and 'WE' think a post is bad or offencive or misleading I'd give you a thumbs down.

So I had about 2200 posts, went political and got booted off this site for a year. And so I started over...the thin skins kicked me off.