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Vee Birth Hatch for access.
« on: November 10, 2016, 12:04:26 AM »
The flush fitting hatch is 16" x 16" as the other storage hatch's are and rests on a plywood lip glued and screwed up under the vee birth deck. This one is centered in front of the compression post. Sticks out half an inch.

Small Snap clamps held the llp in place until the wood glue dried and fastening deck screws were used as well.
Once finished the ends of the screws were broken off and filed [ground] smooth and backed off half a turn retracting them back into the wooden lip. No snags.
It's good storage for a sleeping bag, a couple of blankets and PFD's for kids and adult guests.

The ST-40 instruments are located down there too and the foam was ground away for flat landings. Centerlines for the two~two inch drilled holes that are six inches in front of the keel and six inches off of the center.

The paint is gloss gray Rustoleum enamel on the wood and used through out the boat's interior under the cushions

I really was happy with this job.

That braided line is the anchor line tied to the compression post in case the anchor lets go at the bow

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