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I don't know about you squids but the tension placed on my stays clearly shows that on the windward side the side stays are violin squeaky tight ... and the stays on the lee side go Boehner limp and freely flop about. Well kind of flop about.

Come about and the opposite happens. Perfect.

Head stays, back stays, and dolphin stays are just snug with the mast standing absolutely straight up.

Bare in mind that the bow tac, up and over the Masthead and down to the stern tac will attempt to push the bottom of the mast and the tabernacle clean through the keel. So not too tight.

Imagine if you will that the bow tac and the stern tac is teeter-taughtering up and over the masthead trying to pull the hull's shear closed like a Venus-fly-trap  ... funny to think about but it won't happen other than pushing the compression post down on it's two lag screws that penetrate a very thin bulkhead of plywood. There were never any Com Pac's [to my knowledge] that had the bottom end of the compression post sitting or resting on the poured cement keel. They're always up off the cement by a couple of inches ... why? Because the doghouse and hull fit are never the same vertically from hull to hull.

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